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Brazil’s Hidden Gems

Originally posted on backpackerlee:
Everybody knows about Rio, the Amazon, and the mighty Iguassu Falls. But in the huge country of Brazil there are still a few “hidden” gems that are some way off the traditional tourist trail. In a…

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Brazil poised to break global moratorium on GM Terminator seeds

Originally posted on Whats New in Natural Health:
Brazil’s agribusiness lobby is using the cover provided by the Rousseff administration scandal as cover to rapidly push a Terminator seed amendment through Congress. Terminator seeds are controlled exclusively by biotech multinationals,…

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Brusk DMV – New Mural in Rio De Janeiro

Originally posted on Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine:
Multidisciplinary artist Brusk from Da Mental Vaporz was recently invited to Brazil by the people over Art RUA to create a new piece. His new piece was painting on the streets of Rio…

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Adventures in Rio: Checking out Brazil’s Biggest Favela

Originally posted on Where on Earth Am I?:
“Favela” is a Brazilian word that means urban slum. You can find them all over Latin America, but they are particularly prominent in Rio. Here, they are easy to spot: thousands of…

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55. Gloucester Road, Co-operative

Originally posted on Natural adventures:
I had originally thought that this was an advertising piece, because it is so well proportioned and executed. Of course I was wrong, and have grown fond of the ‘So far so good’ mural by…

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Street Art

Originally posted on Mighty Pretty Photos!:
All across Europe there is beautiful street art to be seen. It’s not graffiti (or at least not just graffiti) and my wife is fairly obsessed with it as an art form. Everywhere we…

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Beautiful Words: Tsundoku

Originally posted on Finding Freedom with Epilepsy:
I’m sorry to say this lovely word of Japanese origin is all too familiar a sight in my house!

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Why Does Brazil Want a Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine?

Originally posted on Smoke & Stir:
By Taylor Marvin Dilma Rousseff speaking in 2014. Agência Brasil photo by Tânia Rêgo. In August, the Brazilian site DefensaNet reported that despite recent budget cuts developing a nuclear-powered attack submarine remains a priority…

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The Mancunian weather: The rain falls hard on this humdrum town

Originally posted on Laurence Fitzgerald:
When Mr Manchester himself, Tony Wilson, said ‘Jazz was the last refuge of the untalented’, what he really meant to say – to quote Oscar Wilde – was that ‘conversation about the weather is the…

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