Commuting Chronicles: Manchester bus 192 woes

Manchester / Malmö

I’m currently sitting on bus 192 from Manchester city centre out to Stockport. This is the worst bus route I’ve been on in my life. Why, you ask?

Well… Here are some sporadic thoughts:

1. The ‘busdriver reads newspaper’-stops.

This bus goes up to 18 times every hour. That should be around every third minute and it is – the buses often even roll up after each other.

So why then, does a bus driver who is already set on taking more than the 30-35 mins the route is supposed to take, stop the bus for a chill session? Hey bus driver, you don’t need to catch up on time – there are 10 buses behind you (oh wait, they just drove past us).

I understand that bus drivers need breaks like everyone else, but shouldn’t the system work so that they can break in between routes and not when…

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