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Tune in to nature at summer solstice in Alex park 20 + 21st June

Originally posted on WR 4 wildlife:
We have a full 24 hours of all things nature for you to enjoy and take part in on midsummer weekend, as we celebrate the life-giving energy of sun and the wonderful wildlife with whom…

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“Mandacaru”: A Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In Brazil Directed By Marcius Clapp (2014)

Originally posted on Cinematic Poems: “Mandacaru” is a Cinematic Time-Lapse Short Film In an Abandoned City in Northeastern Brazil Directed By Marcius Clapp. Filmed, Edited and Directed by:  Marcius Clapp Produced by:   Caravana Time Lapse Website:

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Originally posted on Outlas:
Recent attack on Candomblé followers fuels fears of religious intolerance amongst Brazil’s growing evangelical population An 11-year-old and her family and friends, followers of the Candomblé religion, were attacked by a group of evangelicals while returning…

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A day with Squawk Brewing Co.

Originally posted on A Crafty One:
A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to spend a day with Oli at Squawk Brewery in Ardwick, Manchester. When I first met him, I realised we already had two things in…

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Originally posted on Sundry Times:
“Manchester, the belly and guts of the nation.” George Orwell. Apparently, in Manchester they do not get hung up over which is England’s second city – Birmingham and London can sort it our among themselves!…

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Oxford Road, closed

Originally posted on Being 42:
Friday 12th June 2015, 8.55am (day 1,387) The university bridge over Oxford Road is considered iconic (if only because it has the words ‘University of Manchester’ plastered on it in big letters on the far side…

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Manchester Day Parade 2015

Originally posted on Paradise Spice:
I’ve had a really hectic weekend but yesterday (Sunday 15th July) I went to Manchester with a friend to enjoy the parade happening in the city centre. Despite Manchester Day being held for the fifth…

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São Paulo’s Rainforest

Originally posted on Ian's World Travel Blog:
São Paulo from the Pico do Jaraguá With a population of around 12 million, São Paulo is the biggest city in Brazil and South America as well as the entire southern hemisphere.…

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Originally posted on VISUAL FLANEUR – drawing life on the streets:
? Latin American vibes warmed up a gloomy day at the annual Carnaval parade in San Francisco. ? / If you visited this site for the first time –…

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What Do You Think of a 7-Day NHS?

Originally posted on Primary Care People:
After pilots being run of a 7 Day NHS, GP Online have discussed one success and one failure. The Greater Manchester area had a huge success with their pilot reducing 8% of flow to…

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