Ruins of Pompeii


Pompeii. This was the city many history classrooms taught children not to build near an active volcano. A once bustling centre of trade and politics home was completely consumed by lava and ash in 79AD. Earthquakes also rocked the city soon after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius leaving an already decimated town even more uninhabitable. Life was tough for the people of Pompeii

You can visit the Pompeii ruins, which has been painstakingly excavated over many years. In fact, large parts of Pompeii still remain unearthed even after these years. The first thing that really strikes me is the size. It feels like an entire postcode was levelled. You can see remnants of where senators made decisions, the amphitheatre for plays and the stoves for restaurants.

Pompeii is a worthwhile visit if you are already down south in Italy. Bring your sunglasses, sunscreen and water because the sun does beat…

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