General Election 2015. Party pledges on the arts.

Talk Culture To Me

Britain’s creative industries are recognised internationally as a force to be reckoned with. This sector is now the fastest growing in the UK and worth a substantial 76.9 billion a year to the economy.

The arts and creative industries are also a major employer, providing around 1.7million jobs in the UK. But more than that, the creative industries and arts help us see our culture through a different lens and transport us to other cultures and traditions.

The arts provide a narrative and give emotional meaning to the facts, statistics and data that science, politics and economics provide. They give it humanity and a face and a voice.

So with election day looming, from a culture and arts perspective, ‘Talk Culture To Me’ has examined what the main parties are pledging in their manifestos to support the future development of culture and the arts in the UK.

So which party…

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