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A glimpse of Brazil after the elections

Originally posted on Rotterdam Week:
By João Augusto de Castro Neves of the Eurasia Group Brazil is witnessing one of the most competitive and thrilling presidential elections in nearly a quarter of a century. In the last three months, polls…

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CALTROPe project

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Brazilian police crack open haul of child pornography on ‘dark internet’ and rescue six children from abuse

Originally posted on World News – Breaking International News Headlines and Leaks:
? Year-long ‘Operation Darknet’ uncovered large haul of child pornography Led to arrests of 55 people, with police issuing further 100 arrest warrants Investigation was launched simultaneously in…

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One And One

Originally posted on City Jackdaw:
Lost in their own kaleidoscope of context, they regard each other with a suspicious eye. Curious, and aware of difference and distance. Checking out each other’s innovations, reluctant to concede the ground. One receives the baton,…

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Sharing the Riches

Originally posted on doc's whatever:

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The history of the Stapler.

Originally posted on Old Guv Legends:
by Colin Bisset A stapler is a very satisfying object, securely attaching paper with a pleasing crunch. Small wonder that it is so often a child’s favourite stationery item. The emergence of the stapler…

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October Day 18 Photo Challenge | R is for…Ridiculous

Originally posted on Girl and Moroccan Tea:
If you’re from Manchester, you would definitely have come across this person. I still don’t understand how he does it! I mean, there is obviously some trickery involved but I still haven’t worked…

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Originally posted on The Odd Year Out:
Of course, when travelling to a new country, culture shock is inevitable, especially when it’s worlds apart from your own in so many aspects. So, here I bring you 6 differences between Canada…

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Mexican urban artist Saner poses with some of his work

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