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Manchester’s Street Art Project

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Celebrate Carnival at York College exhibit

Originally posted on Repeating Islands:
While the Europeans started Carnival — a series of celebrations usually done just before Lent — the people of the Caribbean Islands took it to the next level. In a new photo exhibit at York…

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Oktoberfest Retrospective: Gemütlichkeit, The Importance of Community

Originally posted on The Inglorius Padre Steve's World:
Well my friends we have returned from Oktoberfest in Munich and despite a couple of bumps, the trip went well. That couple of days have been too full and I have…

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St Lucia Carnival 2014 Experience

Originally posted on D'Sociale:
Hi all I’m Ekeisha! I bring to you my experience at St Lucia Carnival 2014. This was my second time playing and boy was it a mad one. I played with Just 4 Fun Carnival…

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Gouda: the city, the cheese, or the city of cheese?

Originally posted on Having A'Dam Good Time:
Little did I know, but the city that’s responsible for that delicious Gouda cheese is located just a short train ride away from Amsterdam. Saturday morning afternoon, four of us rode our…

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Why Are There More Girls Than Boys?

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Invasion of the golden mussel: A TED Fellow wields genes to protect the Amazon

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Back in the ’90s, the golden mussel (Limnoperna fortunei) hitched a ride on ships traveling from Asia to South America. In the past decade and a half, the mussel has proliferated through South America’s river…

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Researchers learn more about reconciliation and peacebuilding in Israel-Palestine

Originally posted on CARNiVAL Project :: UFRJ:
Book released in Coventry’s Cathedral is a profund reflection about the peace in the middle east. Brazilians reseachers enjoyed the event.   The CARNiVAL project researchers from UFRJ, at Coventry University, enjoyed on this Friday…

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A Woman Befriended This Homeless Man in Brazil. You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next!

Originally posted on Nicole Parker:
Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was a homeless man in São Paulo, Brazil who lived on the same street corner for nearly 35 years. He was known locally for writing in his books every day. Then in…

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Never Fear the People: A Workshop in Paraty (and a free download)

Originally posted on Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook:
Teaching at the 5th Urban Sketchers Symposium in Paraty, Brazil was an incredible experience. The diverse mix of attendees, their shared passion for urban sketching, and a beautiful city made for…

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