Nina’s Travel Rule #47: Australians Are the Luckiest Assholes On Earth


So true... So true…

So, what would you do if you: realized at the Sao Pauloairport that yourAdorable Husband hadsomehow managed to misplacehis passport and cell phone, but you had a flight in about an hour, were down to approximately $200 for the next week, and had to be in a city about 1000 miles away in like four days or you’d miss the US World Cup Round-of-16 game you just scored tickets to?? If you were me, you’d screech something to the effect of ‘You motherfuckingidiot, SERIOUSLY? I’m going to murder you in your sleep if you make me miss this match and you’re not even gonna like it cause I’m gonna do it WITH A SPOON.’ If you were the AH, however, you’d be an Aussie, and your response would be something more like ‘Yeah, noworries, it’ll all work out.’ And goddamnyou, you would be right, ’cause (spoiler alert) all…

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