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10 Tribes That Avoided Modern Civilization


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Junkyard Dog Walks Miles Every Day To Feed Her Friends, Teaches Us The Power Of Sharing

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
The story of an abandoned dog in Brazil and her devotion to her friends is reminding us this week of the goodness you can bring to the world when you share what you have and…

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Twitter hashtags are finally neutralizing the Israeli government’s propaganda

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The 15 Most Populated Cities in the World for 2014

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Eurodrones: Too politically loaded a venture for Europe?

Originally posted on Stop Making Sense:
Euractiv reports: ‘[…] The Transnational Institute, a research body in Amsterdam, and the London-based advocacy group Statewatch, estimate that the EU has invested at least €300 million in drone research and that the European…

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Refuse to be enemies

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Why You Are Still Alive.

Originally posted on Modular 4:
In a clean, simple and concise way, the video below explains why you are still alive and able to read this.  I haven’t really thought about how my immune system works since college biology, and I’m…

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Brazil’s Newly Contacted Tribe Already Has the Flu, and It Could Wipe Them Out

Originally posted on Brazil Portal:
Jason Koebler – Motherboard, 7/22/2014 It has happened many times before, and it’s happening again: Members of apreviously uncontacted tribe that recently made contact with the outside world have gotten sick. Now, they’ve retreated back into the Amazon…

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Brazil’s Bull’s Eye Stamps

Past & Present The first-ever stamps issued by Brazil were released on the first of August in 1843. This was especially notable because, at the time, the only other country-wide stamp issue came from Great Britain. There had been other … Continue reading

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Salvador, Bahia

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