Japanese against governmental militarism

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This video, about World War II Japanese war criminals on trial, says about itself:

Clips from the Tokyo Trial (1946-49), at which the principal defendant was Hideki Tojo. For further information, see http://www.roberthjackson.org.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Japan: Peace activists rally to halt war charter changes

Sunday 4th May 2014

HUNDREDS of peace activists gathered at a Tokyo rally on Japan’s Constitution Day on Saturday to oppose militarist changes to its post-WWII charter.

The demonstration took place amid a growing debate over whether to revise the anti-war constitution as US strategy in the region increasingly targets China.

But protest organiser Ken Takada explained: “We citizens must stand up, take action and raise our voice.

“Or this country could return to a Japan that wages war with Asia as it has done before.”

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing for an expanded military role…

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