Zé says tchau!


Like all kids growing up in Belgium in the eighties, I was obsessed by Kipling. If you didnt’ have a Kipling bag, you weren’t cool. Simple as that. The main goal was to collect as much monkeys as possible. Many years later, I’m still a big fan of the Belgian brand, which is the most popular accessories brand in Brazil. I traded the schoolbags for huge trolleys, which are clean, simple and most importantly: undestroyable. A must if you travel as much as I do. As a Kipling and Brazil lover l instantly liked this ‘Kipling goes Brazil’-bag and the Brazilian monkey called Zé. I admit; I won’t take the bag to an upscale fashion party. It’s too flashy and showy for that. But to go to beach and festivals, it will do perfectly.

Como todas as crianças crescendo na Bélgica na década de oitenta, eu era obcecada pela Kiplng. Se você não…

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