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Zé says tchau!

Like all kids growing up in Belgium in the eighties, I was obsessed by Kipling. If you didnt’ have a Kipling bag, you weren’t cool. Simple as that. The main goal was to collect as much monkeys as possible. Many…

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New Market, Manchester

Originally posted on Being 42:
Tuesday 29th April 2014, 9.45am (day 978) One of Manchester city centre’s most obscure streets; the recruitment agency you see to the right is the only premises with this as its address, I am sure. But…

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Manchester: How do you see it?

Originally posted on Irwell Vale Photography Club:
If  country landscape photography is your usual interest, why not try your hand at something different?  Archives+ is based in Manchester Library and they are holding an Inaugural Photography Competition with the aim of people…

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Make Victoria Posh

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There’s more to see than just football in Brazil during the World Cup

Originally posted on Metro:
Giant river otters eat fish along the Cuiaba river in the Pantanal (Picture: Cathy Hart/Design Pics/Corbis) We visit four of Brazil’s World Cup cities to dance forró, see wildlife and learn how to pronounce some pesky…

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Ilópolis Bread Museum in Brazil

Originally posted on MHLLT:
It reflects the profound traditions routed in Brazilian culture. ?

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Originally posted on WE ARE ARMSTRONG:
The samba beat grows louder; the World Cup in Brazil is coming. So it’s no surprise that we’ve recently witnessed a plethora of new football adverts. Obviously official sponsors such as Coca Cola and…

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Task 3, Part 2 – “Changing Batteries”

Originally posted on Rimakuma Illustrations:
I was also tasked to think of other animations that fit with our given theme “state of change”. There are various interpretations but most people tend to look at the physical idea of “change”. Emotional…

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Hoof It by Seth Boyden

Originally posted on Miles Robert Hartfelder: Be sure to watch “Hoof It” and listen for my performance as Goat Boy in this new animation by Seth Boyden, CalArts Animation 2014! Thank you to Seth and everyone involved in this…

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Dodgy Beaches and Teenagers With Nothing to Lose

He had a metal pipe in one had and a rag in the other. He raised the pipe slightly and breathed heavily while he stood over us, huffing glue from the rag, trying to feel more at ease with what…

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