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Rio De Janeiro in pictures

Originally posted on House of Wendy:
I’ve been editing my House of Wendy travel photographs from last year’s adventure and I thought they’d be a good source of inspiration for you designers out there and a welcome escape from reality…

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Pictures: The build up to the Brazilian carnival 2014

Originally posted on Metro:
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There could be slaves in the supply chain of your chocolate, smartphone and sushi

Originally posted on Be a Seed for Change:
By Tim Fernholz @timfernholz October 19, 2013 Forced labor is a reality, and you might be using products made by workers who had no choice in the matter.  The first edition of…

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Strixner’s dough

Originally posted on Looking at Food: A ball of dough ist taken out of the fridge. It has to unfreeze before it gets cooked. Year: 2012 Director: Emanuel Strixner Production Company: Kitchen

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A friend showed me this song some time ago!

Originally posted on DarkVid:
What an awesome song especially with what’s going on in the world right now, Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Brazil… We have to share the word, support the people and fight for our rights. It’s sad how few…

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I want my daughter to be multilingual

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EU maintained trade surplus with Brazil in 2013

Originally posted on Rotterdam Week:
EU28 exports to Brazil in 2012 amounted to 39.7 billion euro and imports to 37.4 bn. The EU28 registered a continuous deficit in trade in goods with Brazil up to 2011, with a peak in…

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Lost love…

Originally posted on ilbonito blog 2007:
An illustrated catalogue of my ex-boyfriends, by Brazilian artist Adria A.

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This Is the Sexy Adidas T-Shirt It Was Forced to Stop Selling

Originally posted on Business & Money:
Adidas has agreed to stop selling two T-shirts ahead of this year’s World Cup after Brazil’s tourism board criticized the shirts for encouraging sexual tourism. Brazil’s tourism board formally requested the German multinational apparel…

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Los Imprescindibles de Samba en Sao Paulo / The Essential Samba Hotspots in Sao Paulo

Originally posted on Zuvy's Blog:
La samba es uno de los estilos musicales más populares de Brasil y es una de las principales expresiones de la cultura brasileña. La samba nació de la mezcla de música africana y brasileña.…

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