‘Carnival’ in the Kong!


27 November, 2013

Hong Kong has done it again. Before getting into the ‘winter’ holiday season of parties, festivals, and specialty markets, this energized city managed to squeeze in yet another party – ‘Carnival‘! Last week, I posted about ‘Mardi Gras‘ in Victoria Park, which was really not Mardi Gras at all, but quite charmingly, an arts festival focused on kids. But anyone who knows the ‘hood of Lan Kwai Fong (LKF), where Carnival was held this past weekend, knows that pretty much anything based there will indeed be a full-on party. Carnival was no exception – with a few cultural surprises thrown in for good measure.



To be fair, unlike the prior weekend’s event, Carnival here did bear some slight resemblance to the Carnival celebrations you probably know about in for example, Brazil. There were short, high-energy parades with gorgeous Brazilian samba dancers, accompanied by…

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  1. Hi there – thanks so much for stopping by hongkongfong, and for the like/reblog/follow! Much appreciated. I look forward to learning more about samba and other topics from you..


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