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Here is an article I wrote for issue 2 of the drummers journal. You can download a copy of the whole journal here

Preview of “TDJ-Issue-Two.pdf”

Can developing your brain’s natural ability to recognise patterns help take your musical creativity to new places?

Music is, in essence, a formulation of sounds and patterns which are either pleasing or displeasing to the ear. These patterns, and the extent to which we find them agreeable, have been shaped and filtered by our own particular cultural memes for countless generations. Rhythmical patterns in particular, can not only pinpoint a certain style or musical movement, but form the contextual and historical backbone on which the music itself is supported. By pushing our pattern recognition skills in new directions and developing rhythmic ideas based on what we discover, we can generate new ideas which will help to spark the imaginations of our fellow musicians.

We tend to think…

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