Ugh!! Cockroaches!!

Lois Elsden

I was surprised to read correspondence in the national press that poetry is no longer popular with young people? Really? Have the writers of these reports, or the pronouncers of these statements taken the trouble to properly investigate? Certainly there are a lot of teachers who don’t like poetry but have to teach it, or who don’t ‘get’ poetry and have to try and stuff it down kids’ necks in order to get them through exams, or who choose poems (or are limited by the curriculum) which are just ghastly and are guaranteed to turn anyone off poetry…

I’m not claiming to be a great teacher, I wasn’t one of those naturals who could step into a classroom and have instant rapport and instant order and quiet, but I worked hard, I became experienced, I had great colleagues to support me and was lucky to teach in the most fantastic schools and teach the most amazing young people … Fantastic schools – inner city Manchester when…

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