Theoretically, yes

Para A UPP ainda existe? clique aqui

[UPDATE] The UPP command in these favelas changed in the last week of February. According to the press relations office of the Pacification Police Office, “The current commander of the  Chapéu Mangueira UPP, Captain Sérgio Stoll, will leave to begin the Officers’ Advanced Training Course, a necessary part of the military police career. In his absence, lieutenant [Rodrigo] Veillard will take command of the unit, under the supervision of Major Felipe Magalhães, former commander of the unit,”– but the change must certainly have something to do with the subject of this blog post.

While the police work to control the situation in several UPP favelas, a French reporter got permission from druglords who migrated out of pacified areas to an unnamed location in greater Rio, and got their daily activities on film. The excellent program, which includes a response about this phenomenon…

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