PB and J love is a many bracketed thing

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Director of Manchester School of Samba at http://www.sambaman.org.uk
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3 Responses to PB and J love is a many bracketed thing

  1. Val says:

    Thanks for the reblog, however it would do you much more good to post stuff about your Samba and Samba school than all these reblogs as blogs that just do this tend to get a bad reputation in the blogosphere.


    • agogo22 says:

      Thanks for the advice (I thought I was providing a more rounded picture of what fascinates me rather than being parasitical)?


      • Val says:

        Not really, because a blog is about posting your own stuff not other people’s. Reblogs are really meant to be for the occasional ‘hey, I really dig this, go and look’ shout out of someone else’s post.

        The other thing is that when people come to visit your blog from the reblog, they want to see your own stuff.

        I saw a video of you talking about Samba at carnival, I think – how about posting some more of those here and talk about your work in general? You’ve a good following here so far.


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