Andre Muniz Gonzaga (Street Art Faces)

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In honor of Halloween, I had to find something creepy and cool. I’m a sucker for street art. I try to not be biased towards it and post a lot of it, but this was too unique to pass up. I’m sure we all have walked past one of those street human statues at some point. Usually they jump out at a pretty girl walking past or a big group people. One time when I was in Orlando, I saw a guy who was literally part of the wall. He jumped out when this kid got close enough and scared the hell out of everyone within 10 feet of the display. I don’t think anyone would run from these, but they are creepy enough to give you chills. Andre Muniz Gonzaga, a Brazilian Artist, created these distorted faces on crumbling surfaces. The level of creativity involved in this is mind-blowing…

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