Babilak Bah: The Restless Man


Versão em Português Brasileiro / Portuguese Brazilian Version

Babilak Bah is an artist that translates as innovation. The self-taught musician, percussionist, compositor and poet, from the Brazilian state of Paraiba, calls himself a “proposer” instead of “composer”. With his work, he proposes a different way to embed music and poetry into social consciousness. In the album “Enxadario: Orquestra de enxadas” (Hoeing: Orchestra of Hoes), he transforms the labourious and repetitive manual work of the fields into a cathartic beat blending samba, funk, jazz and classical. The result can be taken as shambolic in meaning, and that’s a very interesting effect that inspires movement and discovery.

Biography of Restless Men

His new album, “Biografia de Homens Inquietos”(Biography of Restless Men), has just been released with brand new songs. While I was writing this feature, I wasn’t sure if I had got the translation of his work’s title right. The word “Inquietos”…

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