Doops. The urban dictionary defines the doops as a best friend or bonafide friend or one that is there for you no matter what. Bit over the top for a small Manchester café on Peter Street opposite the old YMCA building. Doops can also mean a boy’s penis.

I think this Doops on Peters Street is probably somewhere between the two. Neither a boy’s penis nor a best friend. More of a penend. I’m not sure if Doops benefits or suffers from having Starbucks next door. It could benefit from those that are sick of the over-corporate branding of our streets and want to try an alternative or Doops could suffer as people near its doors look up and see Starbucks and make a beeline for the familiar.

Doops isn’t Starbucks, it’s in the fashion of a Starbucks. It’s like Asda is to Sainsburys. Doops has a few sofas…

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