Olympic Torch Relay

Help for Heroes [21:21] Challenge

So this is it: Saturday 23rd June has finally arrived, and with it comes the great honour of carrying the Olympic Flame as part of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.

The Flame has made its way around the country, stopping in some amazingly iconic locations, including the legendary Boston Spa, where I grew up. But this Saturday, it will arrive in the city of Manchester, where I have made my home for the last 10 years.

I’ve said it before, but I’m so excited to get this chance to be part of something so big. I still can’t believe that I was nominated last year, and successfully picked to be one of 8000 people to transport the Flame around the country, before it reaches the Olympic Opening Ceremony in July.

I’ve been interviewed by a number of radio stations this week, and one of the questions asked…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. Really appreciate it.


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