Event Review THE Manchester DAY Parade 10th June 2012 | Trifter


This was the third annual Manchester Day Parade festival, though the first I have seen, and bore the subtitle The Sky’s The Limit, and a theme of celebrating heroic achievements.

It was essentially a Rio De Janeiro style carnival procession, with some of the most spectacular costumes, floats and props ever to grace the city of Manchester.

In no particular order there was a steampunk elephant, made of fake cogs and machinery, with people moving large heavy looking legs by hand. A long paper mache model of Concorde with its pilot leaning out of an open window, and passengers having their faces pressed against its windows. There was a lady on top of a colossal wedding cake looking quite dizzying and dangerous but deliriously happy to be there.

Samba, Salsa, and roller skating dancers were everywhere with pipe bands, brass bands and saxophonists at irregular intervals throughout the parade, that took over an hour to pass any of the vantage points you could stand in.

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  1. themofman says:

    I love Capoeira.


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