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There is an important word in Brazil: simpático (or “carismático”). It refers to a range of desirable social qualities – to be friendly, nice, agreeable, and good-natured. A person who is fun to be with and pleasant to deal with…. Brazilians want very much to be seen as simpático. And going out of one’s way to assist strangers is part of this image.

This week I am in Brazil, this time in Sao Paulo.  This is one huge city. In fact, it ranks 6th on the list of the world’s largest metropolitan areas, with just over 20 million people.  And I swear, there are twice as many cars on the roads, all at once!

But Sao Paulo, and Brazil in general, is wonderful.  And my strong feeling for the country does not come just from the fishing (surprise) but from the people.  Brazilians are amazing people with a unique…

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