Adventures with Getting Fit Dancing

Pounding away at the gym may be some people’s idea of fun but the music isn’t usually Samba. Shame… Samba is possibly the best music to lose weight. It encourages lots of small repetitive shakes and jiggles that get you shaking your booty even if you don’t have one!

Joking aside, going to the gym can be harmful to your self-esteem. There are a couple of hazards that can hamper (pardon the Billy Bunter pun) your attempts to get fit publicly:

  • tissue – can be embarrassing if you find you’re getting strange looks because the remnants end up clinging to your face as bits of white fluff after a quick dry off.
  • squeaky trainers – can give away the fact they’re new and draw unwanted attention to your developing fitness.
  • large sweat patches – can appear on any exercise goer but tend to mark out the newcomers because of…

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