St. George and the Dragons

The Myth Maze

St. George , patron saint of England is celebrated on 23rd April. He seems a strange choice for English folk being of Syrian origin and born of a Greek father and a Syrian mother. He was a Roman soldier and was martyred for his Christianity in 303 AD at a time in the Roman world when Christians were being viciously persecuted. It was much later,  in the medieval period, that he became a much loved  figure of romance, rescuing princesses  and fighting dragons, an  archetypal  Arthurian chivalric knight in fact.

Saint George vs the Dragon

He featured as one of Jacobus de Voragine’s most popular   Golden Legends, compiled around 1260 AD  and a ”best seller” second only to the Bible as printed  by Caxton in 1483. As for the dragons , it was the great Argentinean writer Jorge Louis Borges who noted that most cultures created stories about dragons and  monsters for their heroes to slay…

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Wondrous Tribes: Amazons

Into the Wonder

Probably not historically accurate

Of all the “wondrous tribes” European explorers reported to exist in the Americas, the Amazons are probably the most obviously human. They have the requisite number of eyes, legs, and other body parts. They don’t have the heads of animals. They’re just culturally anomalous—at least in sixteenth-century European terms.

Of course, the Amazons existed in Greek mythology long before Columbus. Actually, there were at least two distinct tribes of Amazons. First, there are the more famous ones associated with eastern Anatolia, whose most famous queen was Hippolyte. There was also a tribe of female warriors reputed to live in Libya.

As with the cynocephali, the first report of Amazons in the Americas comes from Christopher Columbus. In 1493, As Guy C. Rothery writes in The Amazons (1910), as Columbus was about to return to Europe from his first voyage, the people of the island of Hispaniola…

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Elieser E. Borba

2017-03-31 16.19.20 FOTO: Elieser Borba      .       Morador de rua com fixadores externos na Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana

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Why Chefs Wear White (and Sometimes Color Too)

We Are Chefs

1 Historic ChefBy Ana Kinkaid

Today’s diners accept a chef’s gleaming white jacket as the standard attire of a culinary professional, prompted in part by the early television appearances of Paul Prudhomme and Wolfgang Puck. Yet the real story of why chefs wear white began much earlier than today’s endless cooking shows.

Prior to the French Revolution in 1789, cooking was a largely undefined profession in which kitchen staff wore street clothes, or in the better households, an assortment of grey clothing often covered with stains.

Marie-Antonin Careme Marie-Antonin Carême

That is until Marie-Antonin Carême entered culinary history. At this time, Paris was famed for its elaborate pastries and the most innovative creator of these popular towering sugar edifices, known as pièce montées, was Carême.

Such creations were expensive and available only in wealthy households or in the windows of exclusive pastry shops. When the blood bath released by the French Revolution broke…

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Lost in a Dream

Write Sketch Blog

Lost in a Dream is a surreal depiction of bliss found in sleep.

Sleep Lost in a Dream

In many ways, it is a representation of what my real life is not. Inspired by music, nature, food and bright colours, it features 5 mini versions of me against a pink background.

Candy Just Give Me Some Candy

Just Give Me Some Candy was inspired by a long summer I spent with Paolo Nutini’s Candy on repeat. With the lyrics, ‘just give me some candy’ stuck in head, I decided to give it my own interpretation.

Nature-Bath Nature Bath

Nature Bath is a personal favourite, born out of my love for plants and my inability to care for them. One dead Aloe Vera plant and a dying cactus later, the only place I have been able to successfully co-exist and thrive with plants is in this drawing.

Watermelon Watermelon

Watermelon is ironic because I hate…

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“3D Trick Street Art”.

Old Guv Legends

art-in-island-2[5]While museums around the world strictly disallow photography, this one in particular not only allow touching of exhibits and photography, they encourage it.
In fact, a trip to “Art in Island”, an interactive art museum located in suburban Quezon city north of Manila, in Philippines, would be useless without a camera.
The museum features over 50 trick art murals that were painted by a team of 18 Korean master painters who were specially flown in for the project.
art-in-island-1[5]These murals give the illusion of depth when viewed from a certain angle, and is designed to serve as a backdrop for photo opportunities.
Museum attendees are encouraged to climb into paintings and take photos of their interactions.
“Here, art paintings are not complete if you are not with them… if you don’t take pictures with them,” Blyth Cambaya, a museum employee explained to Mashable.
See more Images via Art in Island:…

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Behind the Scenes Footage of Brian Davis’ ‘TAPTASTIC’

Watch as Brian Davis, Pamela Yasutake and #theBand prepare for their upcoming show, “Taptastic”.

Show Information:



TIME: 9:30 PM



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Captured Moment Series – 05

Corimus Counseling


Enjoy the moment of beauty.
Looking at the blossoming flowers, we can sigh at their rare occurrences, or worry they are going to be gone too soon.

Or we can just stay with the moment of appreciation.

Beauty is around us, yet we only find it when we try.

#flower #spring #nature #manchester #life #beauty #moment #photo #photography

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Rivers 20 000 000 Thames Water Nil

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A classic coffee and walnut loaf cake now with a coffee buttercream filling

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Originally posted on Promenade Plantings:
I’m off to the French Alps for my annual snow fix which as many of you will know means a whole heap of snow and a healthy dollop of cooking – nothing better than a…

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