Amazonian Hunter-Gatherers Isolated from Western Medicine Have the Most Diverse Microbiome Ever Recorded*

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Amazonian Hunter-Gatherers Isolated from Western Medicine Have the Most Diverse Microbiome Ever Recorded*

With the current ethnic – cleansing of indigenous peoples, this is what humanity stands to lose…

The Yanomami people, who hail from the Amazon, live a semi-nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the jungle. They have been living like this for thousands of years. According to iflscience, the tribe was first contacted in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until 2008 an unmapped village was spotted in Southern Venezuela. A team of researchers returned to the village within the year to collect mouth swabs, faeces and forearm skin samples from 34 villagers ranging in ages from four to 50. Now, the microbial DNA of the villagers has been analyzed and the findings are absolutely astonishing.

A new study published in Science Advances has found that this isolated tribe of hunter-gatherers posses the most diverse microbiome ever documented in humans

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Common – NQ, Manchester

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For those who regularly frequent the Northern Quarter in Manchester, you’ll have realised that Common has very recently undergone an extreme transformation. For those who have never been to Manchester before, well, you should.

I’m writing this review partly to stick a middle finger up to the numerous bad reviews I’ve read about Common over the past week, and partly to share the very pleasant experience I had whilst there.

We visited Common by accident on a very busy Saturday afternoon, after wandering aimlessly through the Northern Quarter trying to find somewhere suitable to take my mum for a drink and a bite to eat.

Walking past the Edge Street “Social, Eatery & Coffee Spot” as it is now branded, we barely recognised the place. The once tiny bar has been replaced with a more-than-adequate, naturally designed space, and the place feels a lot more open and friendly.

Staff were…

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Manchester Art Gallery

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Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the Manchester Art Gallery.  I saw this building a few years ago when I was in Manchester in 2010, now I’m back and actually went inside.  To my surprise they had an awesome fashion/ dress exhibition from the old cotton mills.  The dresses were super stunning and a must see for any fashion fanatic!  The entrance to the gallery was pretty damn cool as well, looking at the ‘lost gardens of Piccadilly’.  My fave exhibit was the two nifty deck chairs and the array of plants were quite nice, as Manchester is quite built up it’s nice to see a bit of greenery!  Very summery indeed.  Now for those interested in a bit of quirky interior design, there was a real treat of level 2.  Some very interesting lounge suites, chairs, rugs and tables.  I’m not sure if this was a permanent fixture…

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Freddie Gray Protest

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Days ago after hearing about the circumstances surrounding the death of Freddie Gray while in Baltimore City Police custody and seeing the aftermath unfold right in my back yard, I decided to get involved. I felt compelled to get involved as a photojournalist. I couldn’t let such a historical event happen blocks away from me and not go document it. While the first few days of protests were going on, unfortunately I had prior commitments and I could get out and shoot.

The first chance I got was on Wednesday evening as the demonstrators marched from the Baltimore City Police Department’s Western District to City Hall. When I arrived on the scene at City Hall I was just trying to get up to speed with what was unfolding. A few interesting things happened, but before I knew it, it was over. With a large rally at City Hall planned for Thursday I…

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The Balcony

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He knew everyone’s secrets, and the balcony was his only accomplice. He knew that the twin girls across the street with the curly chocolate hair squashed bugs and collected cucarachas in a mason jar they kept hidden in their bedroom on the fourth floor, presumably under the bed. He knew that Marta got into an altercation with her boyfriend, the tall and lanky one who walks with his shoulders thrown back, chest out like a proud lion. She walks with her head down, eyes focused on the ground darting forward, shoulders slightly stooped and he knew why. He knew that the elderly woman on the third floor was having an affair and he knew who it was with – the mailman. He took no pride in this knowledge, however; she was far too obvious with the affair, leaving the french door slightly ajar, letting the white curtains dance in the…

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W is for… Window Cleaning

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a1_20150322_20150322__DSC2678_2624 x 3936

I don’t envy these window cleaners, clinging to the side of the 47 storey Beetham Tower in Manchester.

Part of the April A to Z Challenge and Blue Monday.
Copyright Debbie Smyth, 27 April 2015aDSC_0636_pp

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Day 18: More food and discoveries in Rio

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The 3rd day in Rio was rain but it still had lots to offer.

We made our way into the Centre of the city.
Our first try at the subway. It was easy to use, safe and clean.
Yes, it was, except as a Japanese, I could not take notice of this.


In Japan, we are used to people standing behind the Yellow lines and line up orderly in 3 lines so we know exactly who is first. But this was a funny sight for me because this looked like chaos to me – which it really is not.

So today’s highlights:

1. The Rio De Janeiro Cathedral
By far, the most interesting church I have ever been!
it looks like this from the outside.


Looks like a pyramid doesn’t it? We thought it was an art museum or something and was caught by surprise when we looked in…

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Culture Shock- Phase 1

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Honeymoon Phase

Culture shock comes in five different stages. Some won’t even believe that this thing exists because they will spend so much time in this first stage- the honeymoon stage. Some fly through it in one month, and others take maybe up to 6 months to go through it. Everyone is different…and it doesn’t mean that anyone is more worldly than the next…it just simply means that the world and its cultures affects everyone in its own way and I want to explain the different stages and how I have gone through them myself after moving to Brazil.

So, here I am, starting with the first one.
Pretty sure I will not need to explain much more because the title does most of it already.

So, instead I will just show and tell how my honeymoon stage went.

I moved to Brazil in October of 2014. I had been…

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Postcard No. 7: Castle Hotel, Oldham Street, Northern Quarter

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Had to see Oldham Street first.
Maybe because of Gary Oldman.
Mad. I know. Not even spelled the same.
There’s a great pub called Castle Hotel.
Exterior done in red-amber Victorian tiles.
And there’s punctuation. Yeah.
On the sign. It has a period after the name.
Gives a wonderful finality to the place.
As if you never have to go anywhere else.

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Manchester’s 3rd Eye

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There are two ways to look at this city…IMG_7403IMG_7404

Time won’t fly if you stare at it.IMG_7411

The City is still growing.



No words…


© 2015 Amari Lewis

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