Strategies for Metro Rio


Not all is halted, moldy, undone

Over the past 20 months, a team of specialists has worked, using local input, to put together Rio de Janeiro’s Metropolitan Region Integrated and Strategic Urban Development Plan. The plan may never be implemented. Still, it’s worth taking a look at some of its key points.

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This is why the Rio chapter of the Brazilian Architects Institute (IAB is the Portuguese acronym) organized an open debate about it last week. Vicente Loureiro, executive director of Rio’s Metropolitan Chamber for Governmental Integration, presented the Plan.

Other cities on Guanabara Bay can upgrade shorelines as Rio has done, restoring views such as this one of Candelária church

This is Rio’s first metropolitan plan. São Paulo and Belo Horizonte have long been working at this level. Here, though two million people commute daily from bedroom towns to the capital, we tend to ignore…

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First Nations Beginning

Graffiti Lux and Murals

Here’s the start of the art to the underpass.

The first section follows a wall into the underpass, and is First Nations inspired.

This is a ridiculously high and fast traffic area so I couldn’t stand back far enough for any wide shots.

There was no railing here, but I stood as close to the curb as felt safe. The traffic behind my back made me feel dizzy.

I absolutely adore this three wolves piece.

Blows up beautifully

Pics taken by Resa – October 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s) are unknown to me at this time

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L’art est mort, vive l’art, vive le Fiac!

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Originally posted on POINT de VUE: PARIS:
The Fiac (foire internationale de l’art contemporain) opened on Thursday for four packed days of visual exploration, ego inflation, and explosive excess under the enormous vaulted glass roof of the Grand Palais. From…

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Procrastination by John Kelly – 2007

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1076. The Bearpit (97)

Natural adventures

One of the classiest pieces in The Bearpit for a little while appeared just over a week ago and took up the entire length of ont of the north side entrance ramp. This stunning piece is a collaboration between Sled One and Epok. As is often the case with work like this, the photographs really don’t do it justice and I would urge Bristolians to get down to The Bearpit to see it for themselves.

Sled One and Epok, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2017 Sled One and Epok, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2017

There is a strong message here about the damage being done to our oceans by plastics – don’t get me going on this subject, because it vexes me because the torrent of pastic, large and microscopic, will kill off life in our oceans unless urgent action is taken. We sure know how to goof up our planet.

Sled One and Epok, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2017 Sled One and Epok, The Bearpit, Bristol, October 2017

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MoBike or NoBike

All Hail the Trail

As I lurk around the backstreets of Manchester, I begin to think that this may be taking my daily commute a bit far.  Unsuspecting passers-by probably think I’m either geocaching, hunting Pokémon or am just slightly weird.   Whilst it could be any if these, today I’m a “MoBiker” a brave new city cyclist, staring intently at the map on my phone seeking out any nearby GPS-equipped MoBikes.

So what exactly is a MoBike?  They’re Manchester’s answer to the Boris Bike – an easy way of hiring a bike to get you easily around the city.  After downloading the app, paying a refundable deposit and loading up your account with some credit, you’re ready to go bike-hunting.  Simply take a look at the map, spot your closest MoBike, find it, scan the barcode and it’s yours for 50p for every 30 minutes that you use it.  The bikes are certainly easy…

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Look Into My Eyes

A Certain Slant of Light Photography

A sole skylight provides a still life scene with an evocative glow.

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my dog sighs


for upfest bristol 2017


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‘All the fun of the Fair’: A history of Chichester’s oldest surviving fair

West Sussex Record Office

From the 18th – 21st of October this Year, the Chichester Festival Theatre car park at Northgate will be closed for Chichester’s annual Sloe Fair, representing a tradition that has lasted for over 900 years

It is the longest-running, and last surviving of five ancient fairs in the city, as the right to hold the Sloe Fair was granted in 1107 by King Henry I to the Bishop of Chichester, Ralph de Luffa (1091-1125). In the Royal charter, Henry I gave permission for a fair but it was up to Bishop de Luffa when and where it was held. He decided it should be held at Canon gate, and fall on the feast day of St Faith the Virgin (6th October) and last for eight days until the feats of St Edward. The Fair was subsequently moved to its present location and called the Sloe fair because of…

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Recipes Organized into Component Parts in Food Styling Photos by Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj | Colossal

In a shoot for Nordic cookware brand Eva, Copenhagen-based photographer Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj lets the ingredients speak for themselves. With his flatlay photos on rich matte backgrounds, Hvilshøj creates compositions of raw recipe materials like carrots, star anise, and lemon that seem to suggest that the cookware itself is an essential element in classic Scandinavian food and drink.

Source: Recipes Organized into Component Parts in Food Styling Photos by Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj | Colossal

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