My Week In Happy: make mine a pint (of science)

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I feel truly blessed to live in a city where there are more ‘ideas’ type events than it would be physically possible for me to attend. This week I gave Pint of Science a try.

What is Pint of Science?

Pint-of-Science-Logo-with-Glasses-120x169Pint of Science was set up by two research scientists at Imperial College, Michael Motskin and Praveen Paul, who recognised that people from outside academia wanted to learn about their work.

This year, Manchester was one of the dozen host cities in the UK, with talks running from the 18th to 20th May. As the name would suggest, many of the events were held in pubs and bars.

Discovering drug discovery

Dr Allan Jordan, Head of Chemistry at Cancer Research UK, was lined up to tell us about ‘Breaking Bad Stereotypes: Real Stories of Drug Discovery’ at The English Lounge near the Northern Quarter.

The talk kicked off with…

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Panic on the Streets of Manchester // Manchester Against Austerity

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Panic on the Streets of Manchester

Manchester Against Austerity Protest – 23/05/2015

“We live together, we act on, and react to, one another; but always and in all circumstances we are by ourselves. The martyrs go hand in hand into the arena; they are crucified alone.”  

-Aldous Huxley 

When I was somewhat younger, around sixteen or so, I used to walk to school every morning, hot or cold. After five minutes of walking I would take an alleyway that led past an old overgrown graveyard. I used to light up a cigarette and look upon the graves. Weeds and nettles and thorns circulated around the crumbling stones, whose names I could barely read. I used to ponder and postulate, is this all I want to be reduced to: some mere forgotten old stone? At the end of the day, that is all there is to be, and that is…

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Rites/ HOME: a catch up

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I just wanted to talk about two awesome events I had the pleasure of witnessing this month… This post isn’t a review, but it seemed wrong not to talk about them a little bit.

I saw Rites at Contact on 12th May and I was absolutely blown away. A co-production from Contact and the National Theatre of Scotland, Rites focusses on the highly controversial and sensitive subject of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). In all honesty, I felt like I was going to be watching it through my fingers. But director Cora Bissett and co-creator Yusra Warsama have created an intelligent, thought-provoking and informative piece of theatre, using a myriad of characters from different backgrounds to speak directly to the audience. There are lawyers, doctors, teachers, midwives, mothers, lecturers – and every single monologue is taken verbatim from real life perspectives on FGM. These perspectives are brought to life by a cast of just…

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Recife Pros and Cons

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A food blogger’s paradise that gets a little crazy at carnival time. Recife, Brazil from Schlink Attack.


More Pros and Cons posts at the New Diplomat’s Wife.

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Happily Ever Afters

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If you have a sweet tooth, these beauties are definitely for you. A tradition in Brazil, borrowed from Portugal, the “bem casados” (happily marrieds, or, for me, happily ever afters) are a gift the newly…

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Mais um bamba que faz aniversário

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Membro da ala dos compositores da Portela, Picolino fez 85 anos no último 13 de maio

Para quem não sabe, o sambista foi, em 1963, ao lado de Candeia, Casquinha, Casemiro, Arlindo Pai, Jorge do Violão e Davi do Pandeiro, um dos “Mensageiros do Samba”:

Ao longo de sua trajetória, Picolino gravou dois discos solos: “Chegou Portela”, de 1969 e o “Sambistas Unidos”, de 1975.

Sou pobre pescador e vou fazer minha oração
em noite de lua cheia vou pedir a proteção
a proteção do mar pra me ajudar
e a lua cheia vai clarear
e no clarão da lua eu vou pescar”

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Berry Good!

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One of the new super foods sweeping across Brazil and the world originates right at the heart of Brazil: The Amazon!

Acai berries Photo Credit: Acai berries
Photo Credit:

The Acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is found throughout the Amazon rain forest. The berry is very high in antioxidants and although not yet proven, it is said to improve health by boosting the immune system, increasing energy, aiding digestion and improving blood circulation by reducing bad cholesterol.

This has made it very popular recently (Oprah endorsed it!) and it comes in a variety of forms, such as in ice cream, puree, juices or whole to add to yogurt and other healthy snacks. In cities such as Belo Horizonte stores selling Acai popped up everywhere. The fresh form of the berry is said to be the healthiest way to eat it but be warned it is hard to find in cities away from the Amazon and it’s…

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The Myth of Comprehensive Data

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“What about using Twitter sentiment?”

That suggestion came to me from someone at a recent Data Science DC meetup, after I’d given a short talk on assessing risks of mass atrocities for the Early Warning Project, and as the next speaker started his presentation on predicting social unrest. I had devoted the first half of my presentation to a digression of sorts, talking about how the persistent scarcity of relevant public data still makes it impossible to produce global forecasts of rare political crises—things like coups, insurgencies, regime breakdowns, and mass atrocities—that are as sharp and dynamic as we would like.

The meetup wasn’t the first time I’d heard that suggestion, and I think all of the well-intentioned people who have made it to me have believed that data derived from Twitter would escape or overcome those constraints. In fact, the Twitter stream embodies them. Over the past two decades, technological, economic, and political changes have…

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16 Street Foods You Must Try In Manchester

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I did this piece on street food in Manchester for Buzzfeed UK.

It was a struggle as all I wanted to do was eat when I was writing and researching, particularly looking at the photos!

But I’m very much looking forward to sampling some of these lovely foods again soon!

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Open Doors Manchester

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Open Doors Manchester is an arts and culture tour being held three times this year. A number of museums and galleries are admission free, have special exhibits and/or serve refreshments for the evening. The trolley,…

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