Revealing Dress

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I am so awkward.

Honestly, sometimes things seem perfectly normal at the time and then I just don’t know what I was thinking.  This post is cringeworthy, so be forewarned.  If you are uncomfortable with boobs, stop right now and go enjoy your weekend.

I have an author page on Facebook.  I hate Facebook, but it’s out there and it reaches people and I have to use it, so I do.

I’m supposed to interact, comment, connect.

I love that readers can comment, readers are fun.  They are sort of like my small group of sticker trading pals.  I write it, they like it, it works.

But I’m also supposed to do my least favorite word in the English language, well maybe not my least because “whatever” really holds that honor, but definitely in my top ten of least favorite words is . . . networking.

It’s like nails on a…

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Summer events…Samba Festival

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Helsinki is a fun place to be in the warmer months. Take a look at the Samba Festival that happened in June for the 25th time.

Samba festival Helsinki


Samba festival Helsinki

Samba festival Helsinki

Samba festival Helsinki

Samba festival Helsinki

Samba festival Helsinki


Samba festival Helsinki

Samba festival Helsinki

Samba festival Helsinki

Samba festival Helsinki

Samba festival Helsinki


Samba festival Helsinki

Samba festival Helsinki

I’m sure not too many people would think that Samba and Helsinki go together, but it is one of Helsinki’s largest free public events. Audience numbers are between 20-30,000 people.

Thank you to Jodie and Allan for taking the photos and sharing the event with us.

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Elle, The Samba Dancer

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Fun fact: I love taking photos of dancers. They are naturally photogenic, and they know exactly how to pose. Choreography is such a wonderful thing. The angles and the flexibility a pose can give makes the composition of a photograph incredibly strong. Another part of taking photos of a dancer is their costumes. They are incredibly diverse, but never boring.
Elle is a samba dancer. She enlightened me on the different types of dancing it can be categorized in. She also told me what it was like in the life of a dancer. I’ve only ever had one perspective on it, so it was nice to see what else plays into that kind of lifestyle. It’s going to be unfortunate to see her leave for another state in a bit. I would definitely love to see what other photos I could capture of her.















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Every poet in your pocket: Our obsession with glowing glass rectangles

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This has been in my favorite tweets list since last year:Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 11.19.39 AM

It’s easy to castigate the obsession most people have with their phones.

It’s rare to see anyone alone in a waiting mode—standing in line or waiting on an appointment, for example—who isn’t staring at a phone. If they were reading a book or newspaper, it would seem just fine, even a worthwhile use of their time.

John Adams advised his son, John Quincy, to carry a book with him wherever he went so he would always have a “poet in his pocket” to make good use of any down time.

All of the information the world has collected is right there, in your pocket. Every poet in your pocket! Holy smoke, why not avail yourself of this modern marvel?

And social connections are no less real because the messages from friends and family are digital.

But what about when…

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Giant Anaconda – Someone Call Ice Cube

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NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Fuck that. The last thing I’m doing when I see a titanic-sized Anaconda is pole it with a wooden oar. It’s not like these guys were in a big boat either. If that snake wanted to it could have eaten both of them and awarded them the Darwin Prize. This is another reason i’m not going to South American…EVER.

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Seriously, Portugal?

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Brazil Enlists Drones to Help Eradicate Slave Labor

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The Brazilian government will start deploying a small army of drones as part of its latest effort to eradicate human trafficking in remote parts of the country.

Starting next month in the state of Rio de Janeiro, six drones mounted with video cameras will be sent to fly around and record businesses in rural areas suspected of forcing workers to toil away in slave-like conditions. Exactly what will be done with the footage is still unclear.

“Drones don’t substitute the inspector’s physical presence, but they will be useful out in the country, in the case of farms that are hard to reach by road, for example,” Bruno Barcia Lopes, coordinator of Rural Supervision for Rio de Janeiro’s Labor Secretariat, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The labor ministry in Brazil defines slave labor as work done in degrading conditions for less than minimum wage. For years, activists and NGOs have decried…

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Americans may soon be seeing far fewer “Made in China” labels at the mall

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Sometimes it seems like everything we own has been made in China—the iPhones in our pockets, the TVs in our living rooms, the clothes in our closets, and the toys under the Christmas tree. (And if it’s plastic—the tree, too.) China, after all, manufactures more stuff than any other country in the world.

But that’s not enough for the Chinese government. In late May, the country’s State Council released a plan called “Made in China 2025,” endorsed by Premier Li Keqiang, Beijing’s second-in-command. The goal of the plan, according to Xinhua, China’s official news agency, is to “transform China from a manufacturing giant into a world manufacturing power.”

Confused? It may seem baffling that a country already covered with factories would require a new government program to support even more of them. But the “Made in China” campaign highlights a little-acknowledged reality facing the Chinese economy: It is losing its…

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Carnival Flâneur

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Ferrugem Sea,

I find myself again

The observant flâneur I be.

Eyes pry

On a buxom crowd;

Thoughts spiral away

To reside in the clouds.

Shifting, infusing,

Taking shape alluringly

Amid tutti frutti

Carnival liberty.

Papayaflying high

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Na Praça Onze, bar e restaurante temático sobre carnaval ganha fama e atrai saudosistas

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No cardápio, cada prato tem o nome de um samba-enredo famoso. A feijoada de sexta-feira se chama ‘Aquarela brasileira’ e é servida por uma equipe vestida de sambista. Além dos enredos, alguns pratos também levam o nome de rainhas de bateria famosas do Grupo Especial, como Monique Evans, Luiza Brunet e Viviane Araújo. Nas paredes, uma águia da Portela de cartola – em homenagem à Velha Guarda – e um mago que era parte do tripé da comissão de frente história que a Unidos da Tijuca levou para a Avenida em 2010, com ‘É Segredo’. Nos quadros das paredes, momentos eternizados no Sambódromo que fica a poucos metros. Esse é o Baródromo: um bar tematizado com carnaval, criado praticamente ao lado da Estação de Metrô da Praça Onze e buscando atender o público saudosista do mundo do samba. Um dos sócios donos do restaurante, Felipe Trotta, contou ao CARNAVALESCO sobre…

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