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Male spiders caring for youngsters

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This video says about itself:

5 December 2016

Rafael Rios Moura says spider moms handle most of the parental care, but not the Manogea porracea species he studied. Both spider parents take responsibility to protect their egg sac. Linda Rayor of Cornell University said, “To the best of my knowledge, there really aren’t other examples where male spiders step up to care for young or eggs.” Sometimes at the cost of their own lives, male Manogea porracea switch from solitary life to a dad-web upstairs, brushing rainwater off egg sacs. Moura hypothesizes that the females are very delicious to predators considering that many females disappeared by the end of breeding season.

From Science News:

First spider superdads discovered
Males give up solitary life to protect egg sacs, spiderlings — often as single parent

By Susan Milius

9:00am, December 5, 2016

The first normally solitary spider to win Dad…

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Is Pagode different from Samba?

Rio Then


While reading Geografia Carioca do Samba on Google Books, I started to wonder what makes pagode different from samba. Below are two slightly different views.

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Previously seen as a sub-genre of samba, pagode can be considered a sub-product, with essentially commercial interests. Pagode can even be considered a ramification of samba, but not exactly a style of making samba.

Getting directly to the point, pagode isn’t – or shouldn’t be, in my humble opinion – a designation of a musical (sub-)genre. Pagode is a word that comes from centuries ago designating, generally, animated parties by common folk, with music, drinks and food. If you did “hi-fi” when you were young, you were basically promoting a pagode – even if there was no samba, do you see the difference? And it’s with this theme that pagode became popular as a common folk party. A genuine component of…

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Brazil, by Tomer Ifrah

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Where’s the party? In Recife, Brasil! Carnival in Brazil . part 1

follow our hearts


There’s many ways to experience Carnaval in Brasil but the first official kick off is with the Galo da Madrugada, “Rooster of the Dawn”. This is technically the largest bloco, parade, in  Brasil because it kicks off the start of Carnaval and everyone traditionally follows it. If you look up images of this parade, you will be amazed by the crowds it draws. So of the many ways to celebrate during this specific bloco, we decided to stay alongside some pretty awesome people and stay put in a VIP area, watching the energy from behind (and above) the crowds. This was our first official morning in Recife and we jumped right in to our very first Carnaval. I’m not sure we truly knew what to expect but we were ready to jump in and be a part of the party. The day was warmer than anything we’d ever known but you seriously forget…

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