Sci-Fi Short Film “Stevie’s Aliens” presented by DUST

“Stevie’s Aliens” by Austin S. Harris

A skeptical high school student is thrown into a night of adventure after he sees a UFO.

Greg, a high school student and aspiring writer, finds out that he has been rejected from his top choice writing school. His confident and science-oriented girlfriend, Julia, encourages him to get his mind off of the bad news by accompanying her to a concert that night and Greg, now a dejected mess, agrees. Greg goes home and begins to look through a box of his stories, going back to his childhood, that he keeps under his bed. Just as he’s beginning to enjoy reminiscing he gives himself a paper cut, which prompts him to throw the entire box of stories away. On his way to the concert, Greg has an unexplainable encounter with a bright light that seems to be a UFO. He meets Stevie, another high school student who seems to know more about the light, and the two discover that Greg’s paper cut has vanished. Stevie brings Greg back to his house, and perform a deep-thinking ritual that Stevie has pioneered to summon the light. Meanwhile, Julia, who has gone to Greg’s house to look for him, returns home and begins reading a book about UFOs in response to a strange text Greg sends her about his encounter. She leaves a voicemail for Greg saying that she doesn’t believe in UFOs. Greg and Stevie successfully summon the light, which makes the electronics in Stevie’s room go haywire, but because Julia was reading the book, her electronics are affected too. Seeing the connection between Greg’s text and what happened in her room, she goes to Greg’s house to investigate, where she sees Greg walking with Stevie, guided by a device Stevie is holding. She watches from behind a tree as Greg, now with a renewed sense of optimism, takes his stories out of the trash. She follows the two of them to a large hill, and confronts Greg. Greg convinces her to take a chance on something science can’t prove, and she accepts. For more about the film/filmmaker:

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A New Book Explores the Wide Range of Charming Homemade Cat Ladders in Switzerland

Switzerland-based graphic designer and writer  Brigitte Schuster chronicles the unique phenomenon of outdoor cat ladders in her forthcoming book, Swiss Cat Ladders. Focusing on examples in the city of Bern, Switzerland, Schuster shows how humans facilitate the comings and goings of their feline friends with a wide variety of exterior climbing structures affixed to residential buildings. Ranging from a sleek helix-type structure that’s available readymade, to more homegrown configurations that enlist tree stumps and mailboxes, the presented cat ladders allow these innately independent animals to come and go as they please.[…]

Source: A New Book Explores the Wide Range of Charming Homemade Cat Ladders in Switzerland

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Vila Isabel 2019 – Bateria no ensaio técnico (Pista) – Apoteose ao vivo

Apresentação da bateria da Vila Isabel em 10/02/2019.

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Dozens of Expressive Puppets Encourage Kindness and Acceptance in a Series of Sing-A-Long Short Films

Irish director and animator Johnny Kelly (previously) is known for his puppet-based films, most notably his 2011 piece for Chipotle titled Back to the Start. His most recent project, Right on Tracks, is a series of short sing-a-long videos for Cheerios. Kelly worked with the art collective Nous Vous and Andy Gent, who was also the lead of the puppets department for Isle of Dogs.

The catchy anthems have an inclusive message that focuses on building confidence in yourself while practicing kindness to all. Walter Martin of The Walkmen created songs such as Just Be You which teaches acceptance of your own quirks and unique traits, and It’s All Family which showcases a look at familial structures in a much broader light than we typically see on TV.[…]

Source: Dozens of Expressive Puppets Encourage Kindness and Acceptance in a Series of Sing-A-Long Short Films

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Intertwined and Contorted Figures Form Surreal New Portraits by Brooke DiDonato

Brooklyn-based photographer Brooke DiDonato (previously) poses bodies in twisting forms, skewing the viewer’s perception of where one body ends and the next begins. DiDonato also combines subjects and scenes in surreal ways that question the division between human and nature, presenting limbs popping up from a field of sun-baked crops, or capturing a stream of bountiful flowers spilling generously out of an open spout.

The above image of two men’s intertwined bodies was inspired by a previous image DiDonato made for a shoe campaign that featured two separate subjects wearing the same pair of shoes. She wanted to revisit this concept while incorporating full bodies to play on the idea that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”[…]

Source: Intertwined and Contorted Figures Form Surreal New Portraits by Brooke DiDonato

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The Case For Leaving City Rats Alone – Nautilus

A Vancouver rat study is showing us how pest control can backfire.

FEBRUARY 14, 2019

Kaylee Byers crouches in a patch of urban blackberries early one morning this June, to check a live trap in one of Vancouver’s poorest areas, the V6A postal code. Her first catch of the day is near a large blue dumpster on “Block 5,” in front of a 20-some-unit apartment complex above a thrift shop. Across the alley, a building is going up; between the two is an overgrown, paper and wrapper-strewn lot. In the lot, there are rats.

“Once we caught two in a single trap,” she says, peering inside the cage. She finds a new rat there, and makes a note of it on her clipboard; she’ll be back for it, to take the animal to her nearby van, which is parked near (according to Google Maps) an “unfussy” traditional Ethiopian restaurant. Once inside the van, the rat will be put under anesthesia, and will then be photographed, brushed for fleas, tested for disease, fixed with an ear tag, and released back into V6A within 45 minutes.

Byers is a Ph.D. student under veterinary pathologist Chelsea Himsworth, a University of British Columbia School of Population and Public Health assistant professor who has become a local science celebrity thanks to her “Vancouver Rat Project.” Himsworth started the project as a way to address health concerns over the city’s exploding rat population—exploding anecdotally, that is, as no one has counted it.

Prior to Himsworth’s work, in fact, the sum total knowledge of Canada’s wild rats could be boiled down to a single study of 43 rats living in a landfill in nearby Richmond in 1984. So, six years ago, she stocked an old mini van with syringes, needles, and gloves and live-trapped more than 700 of V6A’s rats to sample their DNA and learn about the bacteria they carried.

Her research has made her reconsider the age-old labeling of rats as invaders that need to be completely fought back. They may, instead, be just as much a part of our city as sidewalks and lampposts. We would all be better off if, under most circumstances, we simply left them alone. […]

Source: The Case For Leaving City Rats Alone

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What the Heck Happened to This Yo-Yo Champ’s Index Finger?

Science and Technology.

What the Heck Happened to This Yo-Yo Champ's Index Finger?
As seen in this angiogram, blood flow to a yo-yo performer’s index finger was severely constricted, causing the finger to feel cold and turn purple.

A striking X-ray image shows the dark threads of arteries and veins carrying blood from wrist to fingertip — except in the index finger, which glows with a ghostly white hue.

The image is an angiogram — a type of medical imaging technique that reveals veins and arteries after they have been flooded with a special dye. If blood is flowing properly, it carries the dye through the branching networks of blood vessels, which show up as dark lines in the image.

The angiogram — which was taken back in 2005 but recently resurfaced on social media — revealed a lack of blood flow in the right index finger of David Schulte, aka Dazzling Dave, a profession yo-yo performer.

So, what led to that unusual image?…

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Frozen Life: Photos by Michael Schlegel

Shot in the Black Forest region of Germany, Berlin-based photographer Michael Schlegel took these monochrome, long-exposure photos of trees in heavy snow.[…]


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Indigenous hunters have positive impacts on food webs in desert Australia –

Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world. Resettlement of indigenous communities resulted in the spread of invasive species, the absence of human-set fires, and a general cascade in the interconnected food web that led to the largest mammalian extinction event ever recorded. In this case, the absence of direct human activity on the landscape may be the cause of the extinctions, according to a Penn State anthropologist.

“I was motivated by the mystery that has occurred in the last 50 years in Australia,” said Rebecca Bliege Bird, professor of anthropology, Penn State. “The extinction of small-bodied mammals does not follow the same pattern we usually see with people changing the landscape and animals disappearing.”[…]

Source: Indigenous hunters have positive impacts on food webs in desert Australia –

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