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Urban Wanders

Thrive In Chaos

Yesterday, hubby and I went for a wander round Manchester. We headed out in a direction we don’t normally walk and just wandered around enjoying the city. It was lovely. The sun wasn’t exactly shining but it wasn’t raining, the air was crisp and cool, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable morning. We discovered some fabulous street art we had never seen before, and found quiet corners of the city we had never visited, all only a few streets away from our usual haunts. It reminded me once again how much I love the city of Manchester: it is vibrant and full of hope in spite of the many issues faced by many of the residents. Here are a few snaps I took along the way.

I encourage you to go for a wander around your city or town and rediscover it: head in a direction you wouldn’t normally go…

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Festival of the…Sea Urchin! – Photo Report on Cadiz’s ‘Erizada’

Lives and Times

Of all countries on earth, Spain, perhaps, is that which has the most festivals and fiestas per capita. An exhaustive list of its festivals would run into the hundreds,  possibly thousands, though there always seems to pop up another one which you hadn’t yet heard of. Springing forth from the community itself, with few rules and regulations, little respect for traffic flow, and a socially diverse crowd of old and young, these parties are truly organic, civic celebrations.

One such fiesta is Cadiz’s annual Erizada, the Sea Urchin Festival. The streets of this sea-girt city fill with masses of people sucking down the innards of sea urchins while guzzling down bottles of wine and bumping to the drum-beat rhythms booming around. But this, this is only the prelude. In a few weeks time, the city will burst to the seams for nearly two weeks of Carnaval, when men in flamboyant costumes sing songs to the crowds from atop…

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10 Essential Brazilian Gestures


download-151) ´Whatever´

Brazilians hit the back of their fingers against the fingers on the other hand, several times alternately to say ´I don´t care´or  ‘I don´t mind´.

2) ‘Ass hole´download-10

Making a sideways OK signal is the equivilent of giving someone the middle finger in Brazil. It is basically the non-verbal way to call someone an ‘ass hole´.

download-133) ‘They´re together´

By repeatedly rubbing the two index fingers together, this signals that two people are close, romantically involved or are planning something together.

download-124) ‘It´s taking too long´

Whereas in the UK, we often click our fingers repeatedly to signal that we´re trying to remember something, in Brazil this signals that something is taking too long (if it´s done slowly) and that you want something done faster.

5) ‘It looks good´download-14

To signal that something looks good, Brazilians repeatedly tug on one of their ear lobes.

download-166) ´It´s packed´

To gesture that a…

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Throughout the eight years of the Obama presidency the government had worked toward fixing climate issues throughout the united states and the world. Now, all that is gone.
“For too long, we’ve been held back by burdensome regulations on our energy industry,” the website now says. “President Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule. In two terms, the Obama administration relied heavily on regulations and regulatory oversight to protect the environment and mitigate the effects of climate change (cbs, 2017.) That will end this year.
“Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, is poised to gut the agency’s regulatory power . A self-described “leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda,” the former attorney general of Oklahoma sued the EPA multiple times to block what he considered excessive regulation of natural resources…

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Evolution may explain how extraterrestrials Look


By Matthew Wills

Speculating about what aliens look like has kept children, film producers and scientists amused for decades. If they exist, will extra terrestrials turn out to look similar to us, or might they take a form beyond our wildest imaginings? The answer to this question really depends on how we think evolution works at the deepest level.

Hollywood has given us its fair share of humanoid aliens over the years. Initially this was through necessity, as special effects required someone to clamber into a rubber suit. Ironically, now that CGI makes anything possible, aliens sometimes look even more human in order to help the cinema goer make an emotional connection with them – such as in James Cameron’s Avatar.

At present, the only life forms we can study are here on Earth. These had a single origin around 3.5 billion years ago, but this common ancestor gave…

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Aboriginal Australians co-existed with the megafauna for at least 17,000 years


Australia was once home to giant reptiles, marsupials and birds (and some not so giant), but the extinction of this megafauna has been the subject of a debate that has persisted since the 19th century.

Despite great advances in the available scientific techniques for investigating the problem, answering the key question of how they became extinct has remained elusive.

Indeed, the same questions as those asked in the 19th century by scientists, such as the British comparative anatomist Sir Richard Owen and the Prussian scientist and explorer Ludwig Leichhardt, remain: were people responsible for their demise or was it climate change?

Our new research, published in the latest Quaternary Science Reviews journal, shows that early humans to Australian lived alongside some of the megafauna for many thousands of years before the animals became extinct.

The First Australians

Many researchers have previously argued that the megafauna became extinct soon after…

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King’s Arms, Bloom Street, Salford

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Review | Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizzeria

Food For Thought

Word of an unknown, small pizzeria cooking up some of the best pizzas the city has to offer is spreading like wildfire at the moment. With reputed quality and the most modest ofprices, Rudy’s Neapolitan pizzeria is  making quite a name for itself and even possibly, claiming the stake for the best pizza in town. The restaurant is nestled away in Ancoat’s pristine and up and coming cutting-room square, the square once in fact used to be the bustling Italian quarter of the city.The square is becoming somewhat of a gentrified social hub and gives an insight into what to expect from Ancoats, an area which is being dubbed as the ‘world’s first industrial suburb’. With a place like Rudy’s now situated in the square, the future seems bright.


My visit to Rudy’s was in fact my second, it was however, the first time I was able…

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