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Visualising irrationality with triangular squares

Get ready for some brand new and very pretty visual proofs of the fact that root 2, root 3, root 5 and root 6 are irrational numbers.

Root 2 being irrational also translates into the fact that the equation x^2+x^2=y^2 has no solutions in positive integers, root 3 being irrational translates into the fact that the equation x^2+x^2+x^2=y^2 has no solutions in positive integers, etc.

What I find very attractive about these proofs is that the destructive core of these proofs by contradiction lead a second secret constructive life, giving birth to infinitely many nearest miss solutions of our impossible equations like for example 15^2+15^2+15^2=26^2-1.

Here is the paper by Steven J. Miller and David Montague which features the basic root 3 and pentagonal root 5 choreographies.​

-our nearest miss solutions like, for example,
correspond to the solutions of the equation y^2 – n x^2 = 1 with n=2, 3, 5 and 6. This is the famous Pell’s equation, which happens to have solutions for all integers n that are not squares.
-there is also a second type of nearest miss solutions like
4^2+4^2+4^2=7^2+1 (a plus instead of a minus at the end). Starting with one of these our choreographies also generate all other such nearest misses.
-the original Tennenbaum square choreography and the first puzzle root three choreography generate both types of nearest misses from any nearest miss solution.
-The close approximations to the various roots corresponding to our nearest miss solutions are partial fractions of the continued fraction expansion of the roots.
-lots more things to be said here but we are getting close to the word limit for descriptions and so I better stop 🙂

Thank you very much to Marty for all his nitpicking of the script for this video and Danil for his ongoing Russian support.

Today’s t-shirt is the amazing square root t-shirt (google “square root tshirt”). Note that the tree looks like a square root sign AND that the roots of the tree are really square.


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Old Norse Influence on Northern English

Árni Leifsson and Andrew R (and possibly others) have pointed out that in the word ‘gymbr,’ the /-r/ ending is actually part of the stem! Seems I need to brush up on ON morphology a bit. However, I still don’t think this detracts from the point (perhaps it even makes it more cohesive) – Old English speakers might have kept it here because they recognised that it wasn’t an inflectional ending.

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Apple Highlights Black Excellence With Photography Film Captured On iPhone – | Design Taxi

The clip follows Black photographers sharing their hometowns with the world through their unique lens.

Apple’s latest Shot on iPhone short film has been released on YouTube, in honor of Black History Month. Titled Hometown, the video is part of a campaign showcasing Black photographers across the US.

The video was created alongside 32 of the “most visionary Black photographers” across the nation, who took photos of their neighborhoods with the iPhone 12 Pro. These include Lawrence Agyei from Chicago, Illinois, Gabriella Angotti-Jones from Los Angeles, California, Lauren Woods from Charlotte, North Carolina, and Julien James from Washington DC.

It was filmed by Philip Youmans, the youngest director awarded at the Tribeca Film Festival, and was captured entirely on an iPhone 12 Pro.

Source: Apple Highlights Black Excellence With Photography Film Captured On iPhone –

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A Dazzling Series of Photos Captures the Soft Glow of Firefly Mating Season in Japan

An enchanting series by Russian photographer Daniel Kordan (previously) frames a sea of flickering fireflies as they populate a dense bamboo forest. Captured in pockets and trails of light, the insects radiate across the thick vegetation on Japan’s Kyushu Island, which Kordan visited back in 2019 during their mating season.

The beetles search for partners from about May to July, with the males first producing the flashes of light and the females generating responses.[…]

More: A Dazzling Series of Photos Captures the Soft Glow of Firefly Mating Season in Japan

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Award winning shortfilm I Fisherwoman and Tuk Tuk I Studio Eeksaurus I Short Film

When she discovers a pearl in the belly of a fish, a Konkani fisherwoman resigned to a mundane life of daily struggle, abandons her trade and indulges in her wildest fantasy. She buys herself a brightly colored rickshaw (“tuk tuk”) and starts to cruise at lightning speed through the winding roads of her coastal village, with her cats in tow. Finally released from her daily drudgery, ecstatic at her newly found sense of power and freedom, she is the talk of the town and her own greatest hero, when, suddenly, an accident threatens to thwart her indomitable spirit.

An exuberant, wild and joyous tale about a woman’s awakening of dormant desires, that celebrates the thrill of adventure and the triumph of dreaming big and pursuing even our most wacky, psychedelic fantasies against all odds. Soulfully told in loud color and trippy animation, the film has won India’s National Award for Animation

Check out the making clip:

(- Indian Film Festival Los Angeles, 2018)

Awards and Wins :
-Ojai Film Festival California Nov
-34th Cartoon Club, the INT. Film Festival of
Animation Cinema & ComicsItaly
-Indian Film Festivals Of Los Angeles
-3rd Navi Mumbai International Film Festival (NMIFF)
-Muse creative awards USA
-Flying Elephant Competition Kerala India
-Universe Multicultural Film Festival (UMFF)
-Cartoons on the Bay Venice
-6Th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival India
-6Th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival India
-8TH NIFF – Nasik Internatinal Film Festival India
-Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2016 is the Japanese
-International Animation Film Festival (TAFF )
-63rd National Film Awards India 2
-Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF)
-FICCI BAF awrds India 2015 Short Film
-17th Digicon Japan
-Mini Box Office (Kolkata Short International Film
-Mini Box Office ( Delhi Short International Film
-24 FPS 12th Annual International Award India
-57th Zlin Film Festival
-Mini Box Office (Banglore Short Film Festival)

Nominations and Official Selections

-Indian Film Festivals Of Los Angeles (IFFLA)
-Cortoons Festival Gandia Valenica
-7th VAFI Youth and Animation Festival Israel
-Red Wasp Film Festival
-Beverly Hills Film Festival USA
-Shorts Shorts Film Awards Japan
-AniFilm Festival Czech Republic
-Pune Short Film Festival
-In The Palace Festival Bulgaria
-Spark Animation Film Festival Vancouver
-19th Children’s Film Festival – Hyderabad
-10th Anim’est Film Festival Bucharest Romania
-KROK International Animated Festival -Russia
-Supertoon International Animation Festival Croatia
-Nevada City Film Festival United States
-Kingston Film Festival (KFF) Canada
-Festival de’Cannes
-Montreal International Animation festival Canada

Credits :

Story and Direction : Suresh Eriyat
Producer : Nilima Eriyat
Music : Rajat Dholakia
Sound Design : Shalini Agarwal
Theme Song : Chetan Sashital
Sound Re-Recording Mixer : Subir Das
All Voices
Conceived, Designed and performed by : Chetan Sashital
Project lead : Nikhil Joshi , Abhijit Budge
Stying and Design : Suresh Eriyat, Nikhil Joshi
Pre-production Design :Nikhil Joshi, Nivedita Goswami, Hitendra Singh, Shraddhha Matkar, Khayali Pandya
Character Modeling : Nikhil Joshi, Nivedita Goswami, Amar Patel, Keyur Patel, Khayali Pandaya , Aditya Raje
Background Modeling : Amar Patel, Keyur Patel, Aditya Raje
3D Animation team : Anjelo David, Abhijit Budge, Swapnil Patil, Anik Roy, Debajyoti Roychowdhury
Rigging : Hitendra Singh , Anik Roy
Prop Modeling : Nikhil Joshi, Nivedita Goswami, Amar Patel , Keyur Patel , Khayali Pandya, Aditya Raje
Lighting : Amar Patel, Devender Parmar
Rendering : Hitendra Singh , Aditya Raje, Devender Raje , Amar Patel
Lighting : Amar Patel, Devender Parmar
Shading, Texturing and Matte Painting : Khayali Pandya, Amar Patel, Keyur Patel, Devender Parmar, Ranjit Mondal
Sound Design : Shalini Agarwal, Akash Chowdhary
SFX Recording : Shalini Agarwal, Mustak Shaik
Foley Artists : Gupta, Sajjan, Choudhury
FX, Dynamics and Simulation : Nilesh Dhore, Keyur Patel, Anik Roy
Lead Compositors : Nilesh Dhore, Mohammad Azeem
Compositing Team : Vinod Shetty, D. Prakash, Mangesh Nalavade, Amit Kakrekar, Avirup Ghosh
Post Production Co-ordination : Jivan Gaikwad
Sound Studio Faculty : Aurom Post Sound
Technical Support : Praveen Parameswaran, Sarfaz Ansari, Krishna Israni, Hitendra Singh
Production Co-ordinator : Divya Sangle, Himakshi Rawal, Sakshi Gaur
Voice Recordist : Anish Nair
Accounts : Chetan Varia , Vijay Desai
Assistant Mixing : Jagdish Nachnekar
Additional Sound Mixing : Bibin Dev
Support : Mohsin Shaikh, Prashant Kamble, Sachin Mokal, Uttam Jethithore
Special Thanks :
Arun Rane,Rajib Mandal, Sunita Kathiwada, Anamika Baruah , Shailesh Chindarkar, Ramesh Jadhav, Sanjay Patkar, Paul Kokkat, Mehernosh Dastoor , Ranjit (Tony) Singh, Seema, Joel Negi , Jolly Jose , Cyrus Sasoori, Shreeya Dixit, Tintu K. Philip.

A Studio Eeksaurus Production.

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TIPS on photographing OVERGROWN architecture & ruins

This week we have another fairly long video on photographing overgrown locations. Shot in Tskaltubo a few weeks back. I break down a simple shot into sections and then show you in photoshop how we can combine three images to make the final result pop, and more importantly not be blurry after shooting on a windy day.

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Architecture on Location | Photography in Tskaltubo, Georgia

Architecture on Location | Photography in Tskaltubo, Georgia features one of the highlights on both of my visits to Georgia this year, Tskaltubo, a small town a short distance from Kutaisi a city in the West of the Country.

This is not meant as a guide, but a warning as well as a showcase of the towns plight and my story in images from both visits.

During the Soviet times the Georgian town was a popular health destination famed for its therapeutic water and sanatoriums. Four trains arrived daily full of guests from Moscow in Russia. When the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990’s, the buildings were abandoned and fell into decay.

In 1992 a war in nearby Abkhazia broke out. An estimated 10,000 Displaced Georgians fled from the conflict and were given temporary shelter in Tskaltubo’s unoccupied buildings and sanatoriums. Twenty-five years later, hundreds of families remain living in these stunning architectural remains of a Soviet past.

Thank you in addition to the guys at Georgian Imedi TV for the footage (taken during a video interview), as as well as the couple of drone clips sent to me by Adam X.

If you enjoyed this video, please consider giving it a thumbs up and let me know what you think in the comments below – I guarantee I will get back to you. Thanks for watching everyone! – James ​
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Stories in Place: Mosaic On A Stick

nspired by colorful mosaic artwork, this mixed media piece follows the story of multiracial artist Lori Greene. Greene owns the mosaic studio and community art space “Mosaic On A Stick” in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Stories in Place is a collection of stories that chronicle small businesses as they navigate a world in flux. Vimeo has partnered with Mailchimp and some of our favorite filmmakers to bring you seven beautiful shorts documenting Black-owned small businesses.

Visit to watch the rest of the films in the series.

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When Is Now?

When is now? Seems like a pretty simple question… just look at your watch. But do you and I share the same “now”? Let’s journey from Einstein’s thought experiments about relativity to cutting edge neuroscience research to try and answer that question.


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