Special glasses give people superhuman colour vision

Snapzu Science

Special glasses give people superhuman colour vision

A pair of spectacles filter light to trick the eyes into seeing colour differently, letting people distinguish between hues that look the same but aren’t

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Nathan Sawaya’s Lego Exhibit, Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA

Travel, SCUBA, Cook, Hike, Create, Repeat

For more information about the artist and future exhibits, please clickhere.

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Mechanical Rock Band by Neil Mendoza

A rock band consisting of electromechanical instruments that makes music by throwing rocks through the air, slapping them and making them vibrate.

Source: Mechanical Rock Band by Neil Mendoza

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Exhibition: Marcantonio Raimondi and Raphael

Location: The Whitworth, Manchester

Date: Until 23rd April 2017

Details: This exhibition features the work of one of the radical originators and innovators of the European tradition of printmaking, Marcantonio Raimondi (c. 1480-c. 1534). Marcantonio was one of the leading printmakers of the Italian Renaissance and is best known for his groundbreaking collaboration with the Renaissance artist Raphael. This is the first Marcantonio Raimondi exhibition for thirty-five years and the first ever in the UK.

Marcantonio’s varied activities as a printmaker ranged from working with a circle of poets and scholars in his native Bologna, to being involved in one of the earliest intellectual property disputes (with his famous German contemporary, Albrecht Dürer), through to his close collaboration in Rome with Raphael that resulted in some of the most important and influential images in western art. Later, he was sent to prison for making prints…

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Art & Cats’


IMG_5927 (2)

Today was nothing short of beautiful. I am constantly looking for new avenues to inspire my creativity so I decided to venture into town to visit Manchester’s Art Gallery and have a peek at the different artists work.. I was nothing short of inspired.

When you explore places you’ve never been before and you have conversations with different minds you understand and gain new perspectives on the way you view things. I believe you become more open to new ideas and different concepts. I read this dramatic piece about Michelangelo from 1503, where rather than him depict the Battle of Cascina, he decided to show the moment before the fight – where the soldiers were caught off guard whilst bathing before the fight of the Piscan army.   I thought deeply about this and I found it inspiring that he chose to draw that moment rather than the actual fight…

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By João Luiz de Figueiredo and Rodrigo Carvalho Creative activities tend to materialize within the landscape of large cities as agglomerations of specialized firms and skilled labour, which offer extremely innovative resources. Major cities have been the site of the vast expansion of commercial cultural production that has occurred in recent decades. They are the locus […]


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Film Review | Aquarius Is a Poignant Reflection on Ageing and Intimacy

A Frantic Disposition

This article originally appeared on the HeadStuff website on March 16th, 2017.

Kleber Mendonça Filho’s Aquarius is a poignant reflection on ageing, a focused character study on the protagonist Clara (Sônia Braga), who tries to live her life in spite of multiple intrusions to its status quo. Although the socio-economic conditions of modern Brazil exist on the peripheries, make no mistake, this is a film about an individual and her quest for inner peace in her increasingly tumultuous personal life.

The film centres on the ageing Clara, called ‘Dona Clara’ by friends, a retired journalist, as she struggles to hold on to an apartment her family has held for generations. She refuses to sell to a construction company looking to own the property, despite being the last person left in the building, even as she faces pressure from her closest family to accept a deal. The construction company’s attempts to…

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Gringos Join the Parade

Wanderlusting 4 Life

This Carnaval we experienced the Sambadrome from a different perspective – we were part of the show. Our practices with the well known samba school Unidos da Tijuca began back in December. We met once a week in blocked off streets behind their facilities in Rio’s Santo Cristo neighborhood to walk, dance, and sing – rain or moon shine.


Every practice was a street party with food and beverage vendors and spectators lining our route. It was fun moving in a river of yellow and blue Unidos da Tijuca Carnaval shirts, it’s the most local we’ve felt since moving to Rio. We were divided into groups called aulas and our group leaders taught us a few simple movements to go with certain song lyrics, but mostly they encouraged us to sing loud and keep our lines straight as we free-styled down the street.


A few weeks before Carnaval, Unidos da Tijuca had a practice run through the Sambadrome. The stars, the school’s…

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Ordsall Chord – Network Rail

As part of our plan to improve rail travel in the north of England, we’re building a viaduct to link Manchester’s Victoria, Oxford Road and Piccadilly stations Since October 2015, work has been taking place on the Ordsall Chord. This will be 300 metres of new track that will create a link between Manchester city centre’s […]

Source: Ordsall Chord – Network Rail

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