Tramtastic: Manchunian Media and Study

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Have you ever been run over by a vehicle from the early 1900’s? It’s really quite a surreal experience. However, whilst negotiating a tram crossing whilst trying to find a station for the blasted things this is exactly what happened. Thus I survived the first of Manchester’s attempts to kill me, and it wasn’t even at the hands of a Manchunian.

Trudging through Manchester on a Saturday morning I was strangely thankful for the wake up call of being nearly flattened by a large part-train, part-bus, part-relentless bulldozing killing machine. Having spent the night in a peculiar hotel staffed entirely by people not from Manchester I was now rudely awakened to the fact that I was “not in Kansas any more”. The hotel itself had been heated to the level of a small blast furnace, and I spent the evening sweating what was left of the cider I’d drunk on…

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Documentary: An Introduction to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

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Documentary: An Introduction to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

A short documentary, which looks at the origins of The Ode To Joy theme.

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“The Man Who Sold The Sun”: A Cinematic Animated Short Film By Kieran Mithani (2014)

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“The Man Who Sold The Sun” is a Cinematic Animated Short Film based on Poem Written and Directed By Kieran Mithani.

Filmed, Animated and Directed by:  Kieran Mithani

Main Title design and Concept by:  Ash Thorp

The Man Who Sold The Sun  Cinematic Animated Short Film By Kieran Mithani

Based on Poem “The Man Who Sold The Sun” by Kieran Mithani

Music Composed by:  Philip Glass (“Glassworks”)

More information on the project here –


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Derek Rieth: friend, teacher, brilliant musician

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This recording is of Derek’s Go Gringo Go ensemble from September 17, 2004. I was honored to perform with him that night, am grateful for the time we had together, and feel privileged to have learned so much about music in his presence.

Musicians: Derek Rieth, Jesse Brooke, Angela Barco, Martin Zarzar, Ashley Ward, Andy Sterling, Galen Clark, Michael Shoehorn, Lesley Kernochan, Rafael Otto

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Brazilian street art: 2nd installment

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Not much of an art conisur, but here are some more of my favourite pieces I have seen in recent weeks.


This rather simple but interesting bird.


Some slick alley cats




The evil monkey for the Power Puff Girls...?

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[VIDEO] Astrud Gilberto ‘My Foolish Heart’

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As often happens, I found this song on my way to look for something else. I was captivated by the scenic video, taken from a boat, apparently unrelated, but what a tasteful way to represent the feeling of listening to Astrud Gilberto‘s voice. I’m familiar with instrumental versions of this song, have rarely heard it with vocals, so I paused to take in the lyrics. I wasn’t aware that Astrid Gilberto recorded this 1949 classic song. She gives it her own signature sound. I swear, I could listen to Astrud Gilberto read the phone book, and think it’s musical, and romantic.

From Wikipedia, here’s some background on the song itself.

The music was composed by Victor Young and the lyric was written by Ned Washington. The song was introduced by the singer Martha Mears in the 1949 film of the same name. The song failed to…

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A Palace

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Once a palace, now a museum

Once a palace, now a museum

Just north of Rio de Janeiro in the mountains is the town of Petrôpolis. It was here that Dom Pedro I & II escaped the intolerable heat of Rio’s summer.

Now it is a museum, an excellent museum that takes a good couple of hours to explore a bygone era.

Taken in 2003 with my first digital.

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Watch the Lisapo performance

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Watch the Lisapo performance in our two fantastic videos.

Lisapo – The Congolese Tales is a live musical oratory featuring song, spoken word, narration, moving image and community. It tells the powerful story of the Congolese migration to Britain as a result of the destabilisation of their country and consequent civil war.

The event took place at Band on the Wall in June 2014 and was developed and produced by Community Arts North West with community members, artists and a dedicated team of volunteers. The project was funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England and Manchester City Council.

The performance was filmed by Clive Hunte (Busha Productions) with Bedos Mavambu and Alex Nicolaides and edited by Leah Llewellyn (Memorabeleah)

Watch the highlights in this short video

Or watch the full performance

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Trial Moto in Manchester’s Deansgate – Precision and Speed

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Precision and speed. I have never seen a trail moto race and it kind of a hurry up to slow down situation but highly entertaining none the less.  There is something very old school about motorcycle riders with open face helmets, makes me think of daredevil stuntmen in days of yore.

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Some things of note

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Busy times recently, but here’s a selection of things I’ve been up to in the past fortnight…

The Guardian Global Development podcast on Ebola 

The Media Podcast goes to Salford

The Guru goes to the London Film Festival

The Internet is After Your (Middle Class) Job…

Talking TV on Human Universe, Grayson Perry and MIPCOM

AND… if you’re wondering how I found time to do all this, I also appeared in a programme about freelancing in radio.

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