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Been very busy these past few months and I didn’t have time to post here. Yesterday I had a bit of downtime and I was browsing through some animated shorts. I needed some inspiration as well and I saw this post from Splinebomb (great site btw) showcasing some work from students of Gobelins, l’école de l’image, in Paris.

If you want to see different styles of animation, check these out. Taking a break from animating all those scenes at work and just watching these is a breath of fresh air. It’s a mix of 2d and 3d work which also pose a big challenge to the art team. These are animators straight out of school producing high-quality work.

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Thomas Cook Launch New Interiors To Match New Brand

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Last year, we covered Thomas Cook’s new brand image, and it seems the carrier has now brought their interior cabin offering in line with their new brand. The new cabin brings the charter airline’s hard product inline with mainline carriers economy cabins. New food offerings, inflight entertainment and seats are going to make the journeys from the UK all that more enjoyable.

The airline will also be offering a premium cabin on 4 of their A330s based mainly in Manchester (Although they will also appear on a couple of Belfast flights next year too.) The rest of the A330s, operating from other UK bases will still offer the brand new economy seats.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 14.54.57

Designed in the new corporate colours of grey and yellow, there is a hint of Lufthansa to the design inside, and this is no bad thing. The interior is bright and lively, and not at all garish. The…

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Brazil’s indigenous seek out city, end up in slums

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Thought to number in the several millions in pre-Columbian times, Brazil’s indigenous peoples have been decimated by 500 years of persecution and… http://ift.tt/1DdQtJd

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Samba do Irajá

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Lyrics from “Samba do Irajá” by Nei Lopes (1976)

Original recording by Roberto Ribeiro (1976):

Recording by Nei Lopes (1980):

I have stamped on my face, and in my chest,
On the side opposite the right, a saudade
(What saudade!)
A sensation that in reality I haven’t even been half
Of what you dreamed
(What you dreamed)
It’s roads, it’s schemes
Wrong turns and broken dreams
It’s the rocks against the sea
That’s all it is, oh Irajá
My samba is the only thing that I’m able to give you (2x)
Came by the shade of the mangueira
Took a seat on the lounge chair
And picked up a guitar
Sang the little crab’s mode
Extended a hand to me for a kiss
And offered me an opinion
(opinion, opinion)
Then took a sip of abrideira
And went disappearing in the dust
Never to return
And that’s that, oh Irajá
My samba is the only thing I’m able to…

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My unique opportunity at Samba Madeira in Houten last Wednesday

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Last Wednesday I had this amazing and unique opportunity playing the drums in the Samba Madeira gig in Houten (Utrecht province). IMG_3911It was one of the greatest experience that one needs to grab when it comes along unexpectedly. Let me tell you how it came about.

It was a bright, sunny Saturday. There was a business fair happening in Houten. I was doing the weekly shopping while this sudden sound appeared out of the blue. Being a native Brazilian and far away from home, recognising this sound live and there to reach, it was like a switch that turned me to this exciting and happy mood. I needed to finish shopping quickly, go out there and find out who and what it was.

sambamadeira-FEL-klein-met-logo Samba Madeira founded in 2007 during the 100th anniversary of the Music Association “Kunst na Arbeid Houten”. Since then the group is actively propagating the Brazilian rhythm “Samba” with enthusiastic players and students…

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Yellow Eye

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Give Me Your Classics And I’ll Show You The Future

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Rio: Cool Plastic Bottles!

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From All that is Interesting

Many works of art try to have a profound message, but oftentimes that message is either misconstrued, lost in the composition itself, or hard to relate to on behalf of the audience. That is not the case with the fish sculptures on Botafogo Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Simple and sleek, these sculptures promote a direct cause to all viewers: protect the environment by using only plastic bottles.
Nontraditional Sculptures Purple Bottles

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The Amazing World of Short Animation

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The internet is an awesome place, especially when you want to find something. Take WordPress for example, you can come on here and see tons of opinions on different topics. That isn’t it though, it isn’t hard at all to find really creative work, done by amazing, and talented people.

Besides WordPress, you can find a slew of other sites with that same thing. Today I wanted to share some nice little short animations. I browse Youtube all the time to watch videos, along with other sites. Hopefully you all will enjoy these as much as I did.

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Animator Signe Baumane tackles depression and family secrets in “Rocks in My Pockets”

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“Rocks in My Pockets” takes a surreal and searingly honest look at depression–all through the lens of stop-motion and hand-drawn animation.

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