The Abuse Photos Obama Suppressed

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If you thought the Senate’s “torture report” was shocking, imagine the prospect of the Obama administration releasing hundreds, maybe thousands of photographs depicting detainee abuse.

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Brazil And The Politics Of Neoliberalism: President Rousseff Declares War On The Working Class

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The Brazilian working class is facing the most savage assault on its living standards in over a decade.  And it is not just the industrial workers who are under attack.  The landless rural workers, public and private salaried employees, teachers and health professionals, the unemployed and the poor are facing massive cuts in income, jobs and welfare payments.

Whatever gains were made between 2003 – 2013 will be reversed.  Brazilian workers face a ‘decade of infamy’.  The Rousseff regime has embraced the politics of “savage capitalism” as personified in the appointment of two of the most extreme advocates of neo-liberal policies.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.  Photo courtesy AFP/Getty Images

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. Photo courtesy AFP/Getty Images

By Prof. James Petras

The “Workers Party” and the Ascendancy of Finance Capital

In early December 2014, President Rousseff appointed Joaquin Levy as the new Finance Minister –   in effect the new economic czar to run the Brazilian economy.  Levy is…

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Portico Library

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Portico Library is a small, almost hidden, member’s only library in Central Manchester.

If you’re not a member it’s rare to get a glimpse but during the Manchester Literature Festival I was fortunate enough to attend a reading, and what a treat it was! You enter by buzzing the intercom of an unassuming side door, which leads you up two floors of spiral stairs until you reach any book-lover’s paradise.

polite literature

The beautiful ceiling provides natural lighting, and all four walls are covered in old hardback books with charming categorisations like ‘Polite Literature’. It’s a delightful hideaway from the hustle and bustle of Mosley street. You may visit the rotating exhibition space, and stay for scones and tea. Find out more here 


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Abu Dhabi investors snap up Scotland Yard

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Investors from Abu Dhabi have secured a deal to purchase the iconic Scotland Yard building in St James’s Park. The building, which has housed the Metropolitan Police Service since 1964, sold for a reported £370 million.

In a deal announced on Tuesday, the Abu Dhabi Financial Group, a multi-billion dollar alternative investment firm, paid nearly 50 percent more than the asking price for the famous building according to London Mayor Boris Johnson.

The firm will renovate the building into flats, offices and a hotel by 2017, reports suggest.

The Metropolitan Police will move from their famous home to the newly refurbished Curtis Brown building, only a short distance from New Scotland Yard.

The move, intended to save the Met £6 million a year, marks the end of an era for the London police service, which has been inextricably linked to the name Scotland Yard, its original home.

The Mayor…

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Hello! Salut!

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I decided to write today’s post in two languages. Why not?
Firstly college.
My project focuses around Manchester and the northern exposures, I am heavily leaning towards the theme of different cultures within the city. It’s interesting because there is more than 150 languages spoken in Manchester and from the personal point of view it is exciting, since I am Polish so I can relate to those of foreign origins that live here.

A lot of the research is photographing the places and people, which is fun. Another part is experimenting with media. This brief is about painting, so we experiment with different paint- acrylic, watercolours, oil, household etc. It can be pretty confusing and time taking but it is necessary.

Here are examples of my studies in painting.

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints

Watercolour painting

Watercolour painting

Oil painting

Oil painting

On another note
I am waiting for the results from the Give the Gift of…

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Russia’s Proposed Interbank System Threatens Anglo-American Empire’s Global Hegemony!

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  • I am definitely in favour of Russia’s SWIFT system. It breaks the global hegemony of the western Illuminati. The authors of the article below, seem to imply that it is a bad thing: I don’t think so. It is good for the world because it will end the needless wars, the endless wars … caused by the global hegemony of the western Illuminati. Who is using the system to attack Russia in financial WW3, by crashing the Ruble, by threatening to freeze them out of the SWIFT system? The Anglo-American Illuminist empire!
  • Russia’s Proposed Interbank System Threatens Anglo-American Empire’s Global Hegemony! 
    by Ted Baumann, Offshore and Asset Protection Editor, The Sovereign Investor:
    The international financial system is based on the U.S. dollar. The greenback is both the world’s “reserve currency” — the one everyone wants to hold when things go bad —…

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Nelly the neat freak! Elephant picks up litter when nobody is around

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Some humans could learn a thing or two from this elephant which picked up litter and put it in a dustbin.

You wouldn’t have expected an animal used to being monitored at Thornhill Safari Lodge, in South Africa, to be so mindful of its surroundings.

But this elephant was different, and was shown on CCTV picking up litter and then putting it in a bin.

[metro-link url=”” title=”Dramatic rescue of girls from mudflats before tide comes in”]

The video was posted on the Thornhill Safari Lodge’s Facebook page yesterday, with the environmentally friendly incident taking place last Tuesday.

‘I just had to share this video clip caught on a CCTV camera,’ the caption said.

‘If only we humans could behave in the same manner.’

[metro-link url=”” title=”One-bedroom home goes on the market for £1.8million”]

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Don’t Shoot

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Don't Shoot

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Music, music, everywhere

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Brazil is not a quiet country, and that’s one of the things I love best about it. There is noise everywhere, from hawking vendors trying to sell their skewers of iced pineapple and jostling shoppers lining up for the freshest pão francês at the bakery, to motorcycles honking their horns continually as they whiz between lanes of traffic and the endless trilling of colourful birds in the palm trees lining the streets.

This endless barrage of noise makes Canada seem taciturn by comparison, with its obedient traffic, quietly polite shoppers, and snow-muffled landscape.

But the loveliest sound of all in Brazil is its music, which erupts in surprising places, filling public spaces with melodies, harmonies, and rhythms that give me goosebumps. The samba and the bossa nova which originated here in Rio de Janeiro are stunningly beautiful forms of music that, in my slightly biased opinion, rival even classical music…

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Sound Of Threads

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Bertrand Lanthiez is French graphic and interactive designer. Last year, he exhibited at Reykjavik a work entitled ?Sound of Threads?, a composition of two installations which curiously invite to experience music with more than the the auditive sense.

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