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Pico da Ibituruna, which means Black Stone in the indian language Tupi-Guarani, is a beautiful peak that stands over the city of Governador Valadares, – Minas Gerais.

While visiting Governador Valadares it’s a must to go to the Pico da Ibituruna! What a fantastic place! From the top of Pico da Ibituruna you can see the entire city, that is the shape of a guitar! Amazing! You will probably see some people adventuring and Paragliding from both sides of the Pico da Ibituruna.

There are several versions of the name given to the mountain: dark cloud, or dark mountain that resembles black clouds. Other versions indicate that Ibituruna means land high and black, or “black mountain” or even black stone saw.

Ibituruna is very famous and known as “World Free Flight Platform” or “World Hang Gliding Platform”, the mountain is the main tourist attraction in Governador Valadares. With an altitude…

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Islas Galapagos – Ecuador ~ 14/08/14

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Islas Galapagos – Ecuador ~ 14/08/14
Postcard 98.1
Postcard 98.2

Hello everyone! :D

Today (14/08/14), I received a very special and rare card! A card from the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador! The card was sent to me from Brazil! ^^

Take a look at that beautiful card! The birds of the Galapagos Islands ^^ They are very beautiful and it looks like that have very big mounth ^^ to eat very big fish, maybe? :p I love it!

At the back of the card was written “Albatros”, so i suppose the bird on the card is the Albatros ^^ wonderful name for a wonderful bird! :D

The sender told me this is an endemic bird from the Island. They are everywhere! You can even get really close, but don’t feed them! :p Wonderful! ^^

On the card I found three beautiful stamps from Brazil ^^
- A trumpet (x2)
- A stamp about the final…

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Samba, part 1: Carnaval

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Song: Acelera, Tijuca! (Accelerate, Tijuca!)
Composer: Gustavinho Oliveira, Fadico, Caio Alves, and Rafael dos Santos
Artist: Tinga
This is the offical demo of the samba de enredo of the Unidos da Tijuca samba school. Unidos da Tijuca is the samba school that won the 2014 Rio Carnaval competition. The music played by a samba school for the Carnaval festival is called a samba de enredo. Unidos da Tijuca was playing this song as they paraded down the Sambódromo (Rio’s specially-built parade area). The song honors Ayrton Senna, the late Brazilian Formula One champion.

Here are two videos showing Unidos da Tijuca during the 2014 Rio Carnaval (the videos are quite long, so feel free to jump ahead; also, the videos can take a bit of time to load and then you might have to sit through a 30-second commercial before the actual video begins):
Unidos da Tijuca, part 1

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No– I am not referring to the to the popular Adidas shoe but rather the Brazilian musical genre that gets its roots from African beats.  Samba has become symbolic to Brazil and is a huge part of Carnival and the festivals that occur in March.  On our train ride up to see Cristo Redentor a small samba band jumped on and performed, the video isn’t great quality but check it out: Samba On A Train

Samba bands are really fun, we actually saw one live at Rio Scenarium in Lapa, I don’t know who had more fun, the band or the women dancing in the front row.

If you are interested and would prefer to hear a better version that what my little camera can capture, check out: Click me for Samba. Disclaimer: if you find yourself wanting to shake your booty, don’t worry that’s completely normal.

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John Rylands Library

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That Eighties Design Look is Back.

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You might not have noticed it, or you might not be aware of it because you didn’t live through it the first time around, but the eighties are back. Over the last couple of years there has been a slow growth of a very 1980’s aesthetic inching it’s way back into graphic design, and especially the motion graphics side of things. The colors. textures, retro-styled graphics and illustrations that all feel somewhat digital, but have that look that seems to blend stop motion styling with a kind of eight bit quality. the look reminds me of the old school days of the Quantel Paintbox and Newtek’s Video Toaster. There is a “New Wave” thing happening and I have mixed feelings about it. Part of it waxes nostalgic, and part of it makes me say “uh oh here comes the tacky”. When it’s done right it works, when it isn’t, look…

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Unwanted Replacement

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Northenden Boat Race

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Who needs Henley Regatta or the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race when we’ve got gangs of slightly inebriated Mancunians, in rubber dinghies, paddling in all directions on the River Mersey.

Yes it’s the annual Northenden Boat Race – no I hadn’t heard of it before either.

IMG_3057 - Version 2IMG_3058 - Version 2IMG_3071 - Version 2IMG_3077

My next-door neighbour Stephanie knew we did a bit of kayaking and asked if her sons could borrow a couple of paddles and life preservers for this annual charity event that I’d never heard of. When I heard it was a race, I offered them the use of the kayaks, but the strict rules meant that all competitors had to be in inflatable dinghies, I immediately guessed that we weren’t about to see any Olympic hopefuls showing off their stuff here, it was strictly for fun.

IMG_3079 - Version 2IMG_3081IMG_3083 - Version 2IMG_3085 - Version 2

As the television coverage was severely lacking, I felt it was my responsibility to go down and photograph the…

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The Peterloo Massacre

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The rotten borough of Dunwich gained notoriety in Blackadder the Third when it’s most notable voters were, “a dachshund named Colin and a hen in it’s late forties.” In the early 1800s the borough was practically under the sea and had only 32 registered voters. Similarly Old Sarum was a desolate district with only one voter. Manchester, on the other hand, was a thriving city with a population of 100,000 on the cusp of boldly leading Britain into the industrial age. What did these areas have in common? Their parliamentary representation consisted of two MPs each.

The Patriotic Union Society (PUS) created by journalists of the Manchester Observer (The precursor of The Guardian), led the demands for reform. Their support swelled due to the harsh economic conditions of the post-Napoleonic age. For example the Corn Laws of 1815 forbade the import of cheaper grain from other countries to protect…

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Charcoal and Chalk

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A new exhibition at Buxton Museum by artist Clare Allan is getting a lot of attention. Although her prints explore the grey rain-drenched streets of northern cities like Manchester, Stockport, Blackpool and her home town, New Mills, there is a vibrancy and movement to the places and characters therein. Her choice of perspective invites you in to the hilly, winding roads and creates a sense that there is something going on; a hint of a story. They are undeniably seductive. You have until Saturday 18 October to see Charcoal and Chalk for yourself. If you can’t make it to Buxton, then Clare has a really good website

Clare Allan and her exhibition

Clare Allan and her exhibition

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