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Tião Paineira at Work

Originally posted on Cultural Martini:
Meeting Tião Paineira was such a big part of our trip.  He and his family are everything that is good about travel and cultural discovery.  So, this week, I thought I would share a video…

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Pigeons, Paraty and Portuguese mansions

Originally posted on Journeys in my jandals:
For lunch today in Montevideo, Joel – unknowingly – ate a pigeon. Ordering off the meat (carne) menu, he ordered a dish in Spanish that included the word ‘paloma’. It came with onions,…

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World Cup venue – Estadio Beira-Rio

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2014 World Cup venue / Graphic News Porto Alegre is one of the most tradition-rich football cities in Brazil, providing the perfect background for World Cup matches. The city is divided nearly equally by fans…

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Originally posted on scamwatchbrazil:
There’s a raging controversy in Brazil about the use of natural ethanol as an additive in motor fuels. The debate has been given extra sharpness lately by the proposal to increase the ethanol content in gasoline…

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Visiting the North of England’s Cities

Originally posted on Student Welfare Team:
The Northern English cities of Manchester and Liverpool are often said to be similar to Glasgow – relaxed, unpretentious and friendly! Of course, both cities have unique characters of their own and they are…

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Draw me like one of your French girls!

Originally posted on James Albon:
It’s Monday morning and obviously there are about a million really useful and productive things that I could be doing, but instead I thought I’d bum around doing something almost completely pointless. At the weekend…

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OK Go “Last Leaf”

Originally posted on nowscopitone:
I recently watched the documentary “Beautiful Losers” which featured a slew of some of my creative heroes (many who inspired me to get into the creative industry in the first place) and their work. Quite a…

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“O Jogo da Amarelinha” of the artistic girls.

Originally posted on ARt BRAZIl_Tania:
“O Jogo da Amarelinha” of the artistic girls. Tania T M Castro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2014. “Jogo da Amarelinha” is a game for girls. They make the layout designed in this painting and jump…

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The Surreal and the Street – Incredible Art from

Originally posted on Optimal Human Modulation:
I first logged onto Facebook for the first time several years ago. However, as time progressed, realized it was causing more mental afflictions than it was worth. Reached a point where I even quit…

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Spray-Painting Graffiti Drone Not Nearly as Effective as You’d Think

Originally posted on orbital pictures:
Article via - Andrew Tarantola on

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