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Cool Facts About Performing Arts: Entrainment

Originally posted on Caught in the act:
Have you ever heard that clocks ticking at different beats will eventually synch up to tick in time? Well, it’s true. Christiaan Huygens, the Dutch physicist who first identified this process using pendulum…

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Originally posted on Colour My Emotions:
Rio is a huuuge city, full of such diverse people! What I probably enjoyed most was the fact that I never met tourists apart on from on the Christ statue. It’s really the people…

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#TBT Brazilian Carnival Circa 2006

Originally posted on SheSawThat:
I’ve never been happier to have someone spill beer on me. The only thing between myself and the thousand other gyrating bodies is a sticky layer of humidity under the equatorial Amazonian summer sun. Fortunately, I can…

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Originally posted on The Mad Hatters:
This wordless animation is an allegory for addiction of any sort

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The future of coffee in Latin America is in genetic varieties

“Expert meeting in Costa Rica at the XXVIII International Coffee Week (Sintercafé) said Wednesday that the future of coffee in Latin America is to exploit their genetic varieties to be able to produce in harsh environments…..” Translated from Spanish

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Pele’s son released from jail in Brazil

Originally posted on Metro News:
SAO PAULO – The 44-year-old son of soccer great Pele has been released from jail and will remain free while he appeals a conviction in a money laundering case that involved a drug gang. Edson…

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Manchester Christmas Markets!

Originally posted on vasvi's blog:
I’m sure there’s already a bunch of blog posts about this! However, I have to share my experience. The Christmas Market is super cute! They are open from 14 November until 21 December and…

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The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Originally posted on shattered aura:
The new Studio Ghibli offering is a downer, but don’t tell that to the under-ten crowd that constituted my matinee, adjacent to the 3D Godard screening, presumably where all the cool kids went.  Choosing dubbed…

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Brazil – a somewhat successful public healthcare story

Originally posted on Bench to Boardroom:
Public health coverage is provided to all Brazilian residents (including foreigners) through the Unified Health System or Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS), which was established in 1988. The SUS is universal and free for…

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Interesting technology: This Indian start-up could disrupt health care with its powerful and affordable diagnostic machine

Originally posted on Later On:
Vivek Wadhwa reports in the Washington Post: Frustrated at the lack of interest by the medical establishment in reducing the costs of diagnostic testing [and the reason is obvious: selling cheaper devices reduces profit—and the…

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