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The Hispanic collective Boa Mistura organized an artistic project in one of Sao Paulo’s slums (favelas), where the aim was to communicate specific values throughout their paintings, merging street art, beauty and hope.

Therefore, the specific written values were: Amor (Love); Doçura (Tenderness); Beleza (Beauty); Firmeza (Stability) and Orgulho (Pride).

Boa Mistura was able to create a unique street art piece, bringing to the surface such amazing values within a neighborhood that usually is forgotten by the surrounding richer cities; thus valuing its own dwellers.

It also shows the trust and belief in a brighter future for these dwellers, while communicating in a subtle way due to the perspective of how these words were written – thus enhancing the Secrecy, Please Trend.

Furthermore, the chosen words and colors are definitely a strong statement that aims to boost these dwellers faith, in order to be better than those who judge them…

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