Great Women in Shop Windows – Post #2 (of 2)

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Continued from Post #1 (written by Dani Abulhawa)

Images of women’s breasts, presented in a sexualised context within mainstream newspapers and advertisements have, for decades presented women primarily as objects of masculine desire. The No More Page Three organization, whose campaign began in 2012 and is aimed at the biggest selling newspaper in the UK – The Sun’s – ‘Page 3’ feature, want to see an end to the outdated and irresponsible representation of women as passive sex objects.

Criticism of the No More Page Three campaign typically focuses on freedom of choice for consumers, and the freedom for women to display their bodies as they wish. But, that argument exists against a cultural backdrop in which women have reported in news articles and on social media sites that they have either been discouraged, prohibited or simply felt too uncomfortable breastfeeding in public because of the way it is perceived…

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Can You Trust Talking Statues

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Sherlock Holmes statue inLondon

Talking Statues is a new project from the non-profit group Sing London, which aims to lift public spirits by giving famous statues a voice. For the next year, thirty-five prominent bronze or stone statues in London and Manchester will be able to “speak” to passers-by through QR codes and near field communication chips. Each participating figure has been equipped with a plaque allowing visitors to swipe a mobile phone to hear a personal story. A number of actors, writers and media personalities have lent voice to the initiative, including Dr Who’s Jenna Coleman, Patrick Stewart, Anthony Horowitz and Jeremy Paxman.



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13 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photos That Shocked The World

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A lone Jewish settler struggles with an Israeli security officer during clashes that erupted as authorities evacuated the West Bank settlement outpost of Amona, east of the Palestinian town of Ramallah, in early 2006. This photo, taken by Oded Balilty, won a 2007 Pulitzer Prize.

Photography is a powerful medium. It can expose truths and show emotions that words never could. It can turn a mirror to our deepest fears and give us hope for humanity. It can change the world. 

Since 1942 the Pulitzer Prize has been awarded to the most excellent photographs and photo portfolios taken every year. Usually awarded to news photographers, the award-winning images include some of the most iconic photographs ever taken. 

In honor of National Photo Day, Aug. 19, we put together some of our all-time favorites. As a whole, they represent some of the most important news stories and historical moments of the past 72 years. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please be warned that many of the images in this slideshow depict graphic violence, injury, and nudity, and many are quite upsetting.

Dead Japanese soldiers lay scattered around a blasted pillbox at Tarawa Island in the South Pacific on Nov. 11, 1943…

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Brazillian judge orders Google to remove Secret from the Play Store, remotely delete from users’ phones

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[gallery type="rectangular" ids="7499,7500"] A judge in Brazil has had it with the anonymous bullying carried out on social networking apps like Secret  and has stepped in to put a stop to it, according to a…

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Watch: Real-life prison break filmed and posted on social media (Brazil) | euronews

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A group of foolhardy prisoners have filmed their escape from a jail in Brazil on a mobile phone and posted the images online.Brazilian television also published CCTV footage allegedly showing some of the thirteen escapees running across the prison yard in Rio Verde, Goias state.


via Watch: Real-life prison break filmed and posted on social media | euronews, world news.

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Museo Fallera in Valencia, Spain

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Saw this amazing re-creation of Salvador Dali at the Fallera Museum in Valencia. Las Fallas is a famous festival in Valencia that takes place in March. During this festival, famous figures are re-created from films, history, or even characters depicting certain political perspectives. These “fallas” are then burned during the festival, creating an incredible spectacle throughout the streets of Valencia.



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You know it’s hot in Japan when the birds are taking iced tea baths

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During the summer in Japan, it’s a constant battle between trying to save energy and keeping yourself from melting in the hot, humid weather. Some choose to use deodorizing wipes to keep the stink and sweat away, others simply indulge in Japan’s irresistible ice cream for some eco-friendly relief. But what if you’re a pet bird with an energy-conscious owner who refuses to keep the house cool? This little parakeet has found the solution: a cool dip in someone’s glass of iced tea!

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The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

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