A Yes would not only be good for Scotland but good for England

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Oliver Huitson writes for Open Democracy:

‘I would personally prefer a federal Britain and I would certainly be sad to see the Scots leave. But I really hope they do. Britain is a dying imperial project, steeped in hundreds of years of anti-democratic expertise; it is not quite impervious to change but whatever changes are forced upon it from below it somehow manages to refind its shape, its control – if it is one part bulldog it is nine parts snake, unseen and untouchable. Its governing institutions are instinctively hostile to democracy and transparency. I hope it’s a Yes because I would like Scotland to be free not of the English or Welsh, but of Westminster and its unelected policy board: the City and multinational business. I would like England to be free of them too.’


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The Unseen

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Making doctors and nurses redundant is an advantage.

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I’ve just completed the Healthier Together consultation for ‘more joined up health care services’ in Greater Manchester. One of the proposed changes is to move to 4 specialist hospitals, which as the consultation states, has the advantage of requiring ‘fewer doctors and nurses to run’.

Since when was making a load of doctors and nurses unemployed an advantage to Greater Manchester, or to any kind of civilised society?

Perhaps if we get rid of doctors and nurses, we can get rid of illness?


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The mind of an animal is a far richer, more complex thing than most people know — as a new TIME book reveals

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But living that life as an animal — an insensate brute, incapable of reason, abstraction, perhaps even feeling? Unthinkable. Yes, yes, the animals don’t recognize the difference, and neither would you. If you’re a goat, you possess the knowledge of a goat, and that can’t be much. But there’s more to it than that.

Human beings have always had something of a bipolar relationship with the millions of other species with which we share the planet. We are fascinated by…

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De Blasio To Head To England To Address Labour Party On Income Inequality

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Mayor Bill de Blasio will be headed to England later this month, to appear as the international speaker at the annual conference for the Labour Party.

De Blasio was invited by the Labour Party to the conference in Manchester to discuss “the twin challenges of rising inequality and declining standards of living,” drawing from his “work in New York and his commitment to tackling the ‘affordability crisis’ affecting ordinary New Yorkers,” according to a news release.

The mayor will give a speech on the need for strategies to fight income inequality on the final day of the conference, and will also hold a private meeting with Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband, the release said.

“The fight against income inequality doesn’t stop at a city limit, a state line, or an international border,” Mayor de Blasio said in the release. “It’s an issue that confronts us all…

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Inspiration: In-your-face GIFs will shock and delight

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Over the past few years, animated GIFs have erupted onto your screens. Using the internet as their canvas, artists can animate just about anything to create a mesmirizing piece or two. Whilst you’ll have seen plenty in your time, we’re pretty sure you’ve never seen GIFs quite like this.

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Been very busy these past few months and I didn’t have time to post here. Yesterday I had a bit of downtime and I was browsing through some animated shorts. I needed some inspiration as well and I saw this post from Splinebomb (great site btw) showcasing some work from students of Gobelins, l’école de l’image, in Paris.

If you want to see different styles of animation, check these out. Taking a break from animating all those scenes at work and just watching these is a breath of fresh air. It’s a mix of 2d and 3d work which also pose a big challenge to the art team. These are animators straight out of school producing high-quality work.

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Thomas Cook Launch New Interiors To Match New Brand

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Last year, we covered Thomas Cook’s new brand image, and it seems the carrier has now brought their interior cabin offering in line with their new brand. The new cabin brings the charter airline’s hard product inline with mainline carriers economy cabins. New food offerings, inflight entertainment and seats are going to make the journeys from the UK all that more enjoyable.

The airline will also be offering a premium cabin on 4 of their A330s based mainly in Manchester (Although they will also appear on a couple of Belfast flights next year too.) The rest of the A330s, operating from other UK bases will still offer the brand new economy seats.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 14.54.57

Designed in the new corporate colours of grey and yellow, there is a hint of Lufthansa to the design inside, and this is no bad thing. The interior is bright and lively, and not at all garish. The…

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Brazil’s indigenous seek out city, end up in slums

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Thought to number in the several millions in pre-Columbian times, Brazil’s indigenous peoples have been decimated by 500 years of persecution and… http://ift.tt/1DdQtJd

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Samba do Irajá

Originally posted on Brazilian Lyrics in English:

Lyrics from “Samba do Irajá” by Nei Lopes (1976)

Original recording by Roberto Ribeiro (1976):

Recording by Nei Lopes (1980):

I have stamped on my face, and in my chest,
On the side opposite the right, a saudade
(What saudade!)
A sensation that in reality I haven’t even been half
Of what you dreamed
(What you dreamed)
It’s roads, it’s schemes
Wrong turns and broken dreams
It’s the rocks against the sea
That’s all it is, oh Irajá
My samba is the only thing that I’m able to give you (2x)
Came by the shade of the mangueira
Took a seat on the lounge chair
And picked up a guitar
Sang the little crab’s mode
Extended a hand to me for a kiss
And offered me an opinion
(opinion, opinion)
Then took a sip of abrideira
And went disappearing in the dust
Never to return
And that’s that, oh Irajá
My samba is the only thing I’m able to…

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