Manchester’s Street Art Project

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In Stevenson Square in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, you can enjoy the artistic products of an exciting project. Stevenson Square was designated a conservation area back in 1987: it contains many, many buildings of historic…

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Celebrate Carnival at York College exhibit

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While the Europeans started Carnival — a series of celebrations usually done just before Lent — the people of the Caribbean Islands took it to the next level.

In a new photo exhibit at York College, photographers Mario Picayo of Cuba and Mariano Hernandez of the Dominican Republic take viewers on a colorful adventure to experience Carnival, as Tess McRae reports in this article for The Queens Chronicle.

“Caribbean Carnival Portraits” may not sound like a party, but the images showing painted faces and outrageous outfits are evidence enough.

“Rainbows of color enhance rainbows of skin tones moving through time and space in costumes ranging from opulent and expensive to modest and clever,” Margaret Venryes, director of the York College gallery and co-currator, said. “No matter that masks are made of cardboard, macaroni, burlap or bottle caps, the inventions of characters with stories old and new are energetically performed…

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Oktoberfest Retrospective: Gemütlichkeit, The Importance of Community

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Well my friends we have returned from Oktoberfest in Munich and despite a couple of bumps, the trip went well. That couple of days have been too full and I have been unable to post these thoughts until now, that being said I have given them a great deal of reflection.

Of course for most most foreign visitors to Oktoberfest is a chance to drink and enjoy the festive atmosphere, and that is not a bad thing. However, most miss the understanding of Fests such as Oktoberfest in the life of the communities hosting them. Oktoberfest is just one of many that Munich and other German towns observe, which draw their communities together in ways that most Americans do not really comprehend. German festivals draw the local community together in many ways, community groups, clubs, associations, churches and businesses contributed to making the Fest, be it a major event like…

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St Lucia Carnival 2014 Experience

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Hi all I’m Ekeisha! I bring to you my experience at St Lucia Carnival 2014. This was my second time playing and boy was it a mad one. I played with Just 4 FunCarnival band again, they’re costumes were on point yet again and I just love the craziness of the band as well as all the fetes! You can tell that they listen to their revellers via the online Facebook forum. We wanted feathers, and we got them…we wanted wire bras, we got them too! So lets get to the experience! St Lucia carnival fell later this year on 21st and 22nd July 2014, I flew in on the 10th just in time for the start of the fetes. First things first what fetes to go to? I wish I was more organised to write out each fete but enjoying the beach and plenty rum got…

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Gouda: the city, the cheese, or the city of cheese?

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Little did I know, but the city that’s responsible for that delicious Gouda cheese is located just a short train ride away from Amsterdam.

Saturday morning afternoon, four of us rode our bikes to Central Station, ready to start our day trip to the city of Gouda.


For visual reference. 

Before we could swipe our cards and board the train, we all had to load more money on.

The public transportation system uses an Ov-chipkaart for travel on trams, metros, busses, trains, etc. Like a Metro card in New York, the Ov-chipkaart is a prepaid card that you swipe before and after your travel. When you walk onto a tram or through the train station, you see machines where you “check-in” by scanning your card and then “check-out” by doing the same at your final destination.

Not really too sure why, but in order to be able to check-in for the…

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Why Are There More Girls Than Boys?

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Because science! Duh!

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Invasion of the golden mussel: A TED Fellow wields genes to protect the Amazon

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Back in the ’90s, the golden mussel (Limnoperna fortunei) hitched a ride on ships traveling from Asia to South America. In the past decade and a half, the mussel has proliferated through South America’s river systems, destroying the native habitat and disrupting the operation of power plants and water treatment facilities. This invasive species now threatens the delicate ecosystem of the Amazon.

Computational biologist and TEDGlobal 2014 Fellow Marcela Uliano da Silva is working to put a halt to this. A native of Brazil, she’s sequencing the golden mussel’s genome for the first time; she tells the TED Blog how she hopes to use information gleaned from its molecular profile to stop current invasions and forecast future ones.

Tell us about the golden mussel — why does it pose a problem to South America?

The golden mussel originates from Asia, and arrived in South America in the early 1990s, carried in ballast…

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Researchers learn more about reconciliation and peacebuilding in Israel-Palestine

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Book released in Coventry’s Cathedral is a profund reflection about the peace in the middle east. Brazilians reseachers enjoyed the event.  

The CARNiVAL project researchers from UFRJ, at Coventry University, enjoyed on this Friday (26) the presentation of the book “Through My Enemy’s Eyes”, in Coventry’s Cathedral. The book was written by Salim J. Munayer, director of Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation, and Lisa Loden, director of Advancing Professional Excelence.

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A Woman Befriended This Homeless Man in Brazil. You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next!

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Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was a homeless man in São Paulo, Brazil who lived on the same street corner for nearly 35 years.

He was known locally for writing in his books every day. Then in April 2011 a young woman named Shalla Monteiro befriended him and tried to help him achieve his dream of publishing a book. She created a Facebook Page featuring his writing, but nobody could have predicted what would happen next. Watch the full video below:

What a beautiful story – share the love with your friends.

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Never Fear the People: A Workshop in Paraty (and a free download)

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Teaching at the 5th Urban Sketchers Symposium in Paraty, Brazil was an incredible experience. The diverse mix of attendees, their shared passion for urban sketching, and a beautiful city made for a dream mix. Add in some rain, trekking across the cobblestones of Paraty, and standing right in the middle of Chafariz Square to capture it’s energy, and it felt like an adventure.

We started each workshop by drawing quick, almost-blind-contour sketches of “easy” (read “not moving”) people. We kept them loose and fluid, and didn’t sweat the details (or the proportions). It was all gesture and quick capture. Next, we moved into what was the most challenging segment of the workshop: drawing people on the move. To make it easier to capture the repeated motion of a person walking, we positioned ourselves in the middle of one of Paraty’s narrow roads, where we could observe crowds moving up and down the street.


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