Alcohol largely untouched at art exhibition opening shock.

Originally posted on Chapel Street Community Arts:

I’m working on my tabloid headlines.

What a sober bunch we all are. With the exception of an exhibition of school pupils work, every art launch I’ve ever been to been to has ended up a bit messy due to the punters taking full advantage of the ‘free’ alcohol. However, the ‘not from concentrate’ juice was by far the favourite at our launch last Friday afternoon. I’m pretty sure I spied a couple of the artists having a glass of wine mind you, which you might say is unsurprising.

Despite the lack of alcohol consumed, the event was a great success, and we shared out the remaining buffet in the pub afterwards.

Congratulations to everyone involved.

BD sm 0121

BD sm 0136

BD sm 0163

BD sm 0170

Photographs courtesy of Bernadette Delaney.

The exhibition entitled Chapel Street Then and Now is viewable at Salford Museum and Art Gallery until 12th October 2014.

Exhibition Info;
Manchester visual artist Ian Mckay and four…

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Huffington |

Originally posted on The New World Lusophone Sousaphone:


Inside the boundaries of a rural tract of land belonging to a presidential candidate, an airstrip capable of receiving planes with up to 50 passengers.  Some $7 million in public funds went into the construction.

It gives me a mild shock when the first messenger arrives with the tidings: It is the Brazilian franchise of the Huffington Post.

The revelation that a public airport managed by relatives of Aécio Neves poured fuel on the fire in the Neves campaign. The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) released a statement today (July 22) stating that it will notify the state government of Minas about the case and that it will investigate possible irregularities at the airport in Cláudio (Minas Gerais).

In the bunker of Muda Brasil“time for a change” — commanded by Neves, ANAC’s response to negative front-page coverage by the Folha de S. Paulo was interpreted as a political ploy.

Senior Neves advisors believe that the…

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Endless Obsession – São Paulo/Brazil

Originally posted on AnneVue:

I am here in Brazil for a month so I decided to explore some art exhibitions that are now in my city, Sao Paulo. I found one called “Obsessao Infinita”, Endless Obsession in english, it has been to two other Brazilian cities and both were really successful. Being a free entertainment in a cultural area like Sao Paulo is, I and other thousands of people staying in line for 3 hours just to check it out, but it was worth it. Here are some pictures:


IMG_4049IMG_4041Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See ForeverGallery of Modern Artinstallation viewIMG_4045IMG_4054IMG_4058IMG_4059IMG_4060IMG_4061IMG_4063IMG_4104


Endless Obsession is a mixture of colorful paintings, sculptures, videos, slideshows and installations created by the talented Yayoi Kusama. She moved to New York in 1957 and its a contemporary of Andy Warhol. According to Philip Larratt-Smith, one of the curators of the show, the art of Yayoi is an authentic expression of her unique psychological condition. She suffers from obsessive-compulsion disorder (OCD) and hallucinations…

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Eat the World

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Eu não moro no Rio, eu namoro o Rio.


Extremely rough translation: I don’t live in Rio, I’m in love with Rio.

As much as I’ve loved (nearly) every moment from these past 6 months here in Rio pretending to be the girl from Ipanema, faking a samba step at carnaval and slamming down caipivodkas (no cachaça for this girl), my itchy feet have gotten the better of me.

With an expired visa and a disease like deep desire that wills me to see the world, I’ve decided to make a big move.

I mean a really big move.

like really really










You guessed it!


The Chinese government has offered myself and some 100 other Anglophoneys a job teaching oral English in public schools in the city of Shenzhen.


Never heard of Shenzhen? Neither had I!

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Brazil World Cup A Great Experience Despite FIFA, Brazillian System

Originally posted on AudsAnNs:

In the end, Brazil was a lot of fun, and the World Cup was a blast. As if it would be otherwise. The country threw a great party.

That said, neither the Brazilian system nor FIFA made it easy for us.

Futball viewing in Manaus, with Teatro Amazonas in the background

Futball viewing in Manaus, with Teatro Amazonas in the background

The people on the ground were terrific. The locals were warm and helpful. In Manaus, we only had to stand on the street corner for a few minutes squinting at street signs for someone to approach and ask if we spoke English or Spanish and offer to help. People were generally friendly and in a terrific mood (thank goodness Brazil kept winning while we were there, right?)

The fans were great as well. There were tons of Americans, well, everywhere. We met fellow Washingtonians while game watching in the main square in downtown Manaus, and then saw our plane…

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GIFT box on the move

Originally posted on STOP THE TRAFFIK blog spot:

The UN GIFT box has been on the move! From Belfast, to Brazil, to Glasgow, the GIFT box has been making a mark, and spreading the word of STOP THE TRAFFIK.



The World Cup has come to an end. Well done to Germany for winning! Whilst the world has had football fever, STOP THE TRAFFIK has been moving around Brazil with the GIFT box. Our volunteers out in Brazil have done an amazing job, raising awareness of human trafficking within Brazil.

The GIFT box was set up in 3 different locations around Brazil in order to raise awareness to a variety of people. It began its journey by the Christ Redeemer, where it was opened by various members of the government and the Brazillian press.

It then moved to Rio de Janeiro’s red light districts where it was staffed by women who are working within the sex industry and…

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South American nations court BRICS over new bank, stronger ties

Originally posted on Ben Tavener | Brazil:

Anadolu Agency

BRASÍLIA – South American leaders attending the 6th BRICS Summit in the Brazilian capital, Brasília, on Wednesday hailed the foundation of a new US$100 billion development bank between the BRICS nations, announced on Tuesday.

The eleven South American leaders in attendance also made clear they were firmly behind a new alliance between the BRICS group of leading emerging economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – and the UNASUR bloc of South American nations.

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Culture Makes a Difference – +Culture Shots 14-18 July 2014

Originally posted on Gallery in the Park:


While building continues both at the back of the Whitworth Art Gallery, and now too at the front facing Oxford Road. Opposite us at the hospital and at other NHS sites nearby, +Culture Shots is in full swing.

+CultureShots is a week-long series of free events, planned to fit around a busy working day, offering a chance for you to become enthused by culture. Our ambition is to encourage individuals to find out why culture works, by discovering how the expertise within Manchester museums and galleries can be used to improve professional practice as well as patient’s health and wellbeing. For the full programme, a comprehensive guide to what’s on, where to find us and how you can get the most out of your +Culture Shots 2014 experience! See: for more information.

Last year +CultureShots hosted Trees for Me, a photography competition, which was a great success! Congratulations to…

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The Sale Arts Trail

Originally posted on Baby Pique:

Is there anything much better than ambling around following an arts trail and discovering all the amazing talent that you never knew you had right on your doorstep? This weekend, I hotfooted it around Sale in Manchester doing the Sale Arts Trail and came across some very talented folk. Here are my favourites (I think you’ll like them too!).

Omid Asadi

This talented chap makes art by cutting natural fallen leaves. Just beautiful!

Omid Asadi 1Omid Asadi 2

Jane Blease

I love Jane’s mix of the contemporary and the traditional. On my Christmas present list these go!

Jane Blease brooches

Jane Blease wall art

May Wild Design

Definitely my favourite find of the weekend – May Wild’s hilarious Birds of Clay & Golden Remains will be making their way into my house some day very soon.

Birds of Clay & Golden Remains

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Gaudí’s Barcelona: Gaudy or Gorgeous?

Originally posted on Everywhere Once:

Guadi Barcelona La Sagrada Familia

The facade of Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona wouldn’t be as colorful without Antoni Gaudí. Hailed as a visionary by some and a madman by others, the innovative architect left his mark across the city, from lampposts in the Plaza Real–one of his earliest commissions–to his last, still-unfinished work, the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia.

Gaudí threw classic architectural rules out the window. At the forefront of the 19th-century Modernisme style, he drew inspiration from nature and organic forms. He combined vibrant colors, curved lines, and Moorish and Gothic elements with a healthy dose of creativity. Trees, flowers, fruit, and seashells fired his imagination and so did more dramatic images like dragons and skulls.

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