[Animation] Pigeon: Impossible

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A short film of Lucas Martell

A rookie secret agent is faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase.

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the man with the beautiful eyes

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very good animated bukowski poem

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RAPadura é doce mas num é mole

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Historicamente o repente é uma mistura entre poesia, música e improviso. O raciocínio rápido, a criatividade e os duelos lembram em muitos aspectos o rap contemporâneo. Com isso em mente, o cearense Francisco Igor Almeida do Santos incorporou essa rica tradição e criou a fusão entre o rap e a embolada.

Sob a alcunha de RAPadura Xique-Chico, o rapper apropria-se da embolada, do maracatu, do baião e das cantigas de roda em meio a letras contundentes que tratam da cultura nordestina, da seca e dos contrastes com o cenário urbano.

Músicas como “Norte e Nordeste Me Veste” trazem mensagens como “Não vejo cabra da peste, só carioca e paulista, só freestyleiro em nordeste, não querem ser repentistas, rejeitam xilogravura, o cordel que é literatura, quem não tem cultura, jamais vai saber o que é RAPadura!”

Com sagacidade e estilo próprio, RAPadura lançou sua FITAEMBOLADA do Engenho e conquistou a…

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Seagulls in Salford

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Sculpture of seagulls outside the law courts by Salford Central railway station


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Manchester Christmas markets, spectacular!

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Manchester Christmas Markets from a helicopter – taken by the National Police Air Service [gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" ids="8700,8701"]

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Finding Barrington. Part 2: Moss Side roots

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Image of a pair of glasses on a book

The Roving Reader Files

Ever found that once you set off in search of someone, signs of them are just about everywhere? That’s how it was for me as I began rummaging around the Centre trying to find Barrington Young. I must have been the only person never to have come across him in my travels…

And that’s the key to Barrington. Travelling. Is he a prime minister, pianist, brain surgeon, astronaut or footballer? No. He’s far more important than that. As well as being one of the most kind and humorous individuals around, Barrington Young was the first Black railway inspector in Manchester. What Barrington doesn’t know about trains and the railways of Britain just isn’t worth knowing.

So, where did I find Barrington Young?

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Hotel Unique

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Located on Sao Paulo’s Moema neighborhood, the Hotel Unique sits close to Ibirapuera Park – known as the “central park” of Sao Paulo.

The unusual shape of the hotel provides the inspiration for its name with a curved bottom and round windows resembling a large ship that’s been placed awkwardly on land. The curved base of the building holds a copper-clad lobby, stark in white marble with steel-framed glass walls.  An untraditional lobby makes guests comfortable from the moment they arrive and a beautiful bronze marble tunnel leads to the hotel’s rooftop. Urban artwork, sculptural modern architecture and overall originality all define this space designed by Ruy Ohtake and Joao Armentano.

The hotel’s rooftop bar and pool, Skye, are a must-see for anyone visiting Sao Paulo. Perch yourself here during the day, order a Caipirinha cocktail, take in the views and then take a dip. The top floor is outstanding…

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The Power of Garbage

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by: Izabela Zago and Alessandra

Today are wasted, on average, more than a pound of trash per person. Besides that, our country doesn’t have an effective selective collection, so the trash doesn’t have a correct destination and it’s often crammed into landfills. These dumps can create jobs, but they generate more disadvantages, such as stink and diseases for people who live around.

A simple and alternative form of recycle the garbage is turning it in art. In Brazil, the handicrafts is not very practiced, or at least not in our way of living, but is a very interesting way to get rid of waste, causing it to turn an art object for the home, or it can be the source of income for many people. In addition to saving the environment, they are easy objects to make.

We can make beautiful things, useful and easy with something like plastic bottles…

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Message 503 | A Paraguayan Coup d’Etat?

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Blog da Cidadania, by Edu Guimarães:

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

There is a saying in Brazil that often comes in handy in trying to navigate murky waters:

For our friends, anything; for our enemies, the Law

For several weeks now, blogger Luis Nassif and a handful of like-minded progressives has warned of a plot to carry out a “Paraguayan coup d’etat” to prevent the recently reelected president, Dilma Rousseff, from taking the oath for her second term.

The term refers to the removal of Lugo in Paraguay in an impeachment proceeding that lasted 48 hours, permitted only two hours for the preparation of the defense,  and was based on a flimsy theory of  crimes of responsibility.

As Edu Guimarães notes — in a post that is throwing  a «503 Service Temporarily Unavailable» message at the moment — the third element in a Paraguay-style end run around the Constitution lies with the justices…

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French National Front Secures Funding From Russian Bank

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Is Russian President Vladimir Putin meddling in the internal politics of countries in the European Union? That seemed a strong possibility to some Europeans this week, after French political leader Marine Le Pen confirmed she had secured a €9-million ($11.1 million) loan from a Moscow-based bank, in order to run her right-wing National Front party.

“At this stage, Russia is trying to influence French domestic policy,” says Jean-Yves Camus, a political researcher at France’s Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS). If so, Putin’s strategy resembles the Soviet Union before its collapse in 1991, when Moscow funded trade unions and political groups in western Europe in an attempt to buy influence and destabilize foes. “In this respect Putin is pretty much in line with the former USSR. It is the same policy all over again,” says Camus.

The French investigative news site Mediapart first broke the news that the National…

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